Persuasive Essay on South Africa The Essay should be completed and typed

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Persuasive Essay on South Africa
The Essay should be completed and typed . Due to on Wednesday November 23

A rough draft needs to be shown to be and signed off on it before November 23.

The format for the Essay is as Follows:

  • What is the main idea/thesis statement

  • 3 supporting detail/ideas that support the main idea included in the introduction.


  • Next 3 paragraphs each address one of the supporting details/main idea.

  • Give details from book, data, information found to support the main idea. Link this information back to the Main Idea.

  • This is where one supports the main idea and give counter argument against the other side of the argument.


  • Summarize your 3 paragraphs

  • Restate the main idea and link the 3 supporting ideas from the paragraph with the main idea.

The essay will be graded on the following

Possible topics for students to lecture/debate:

  1. Is South Africa better today than it was in 1994 when apartheid ended?

  2. Who did more to advance the cause of the antiapartheid movement Steve Biko who stayed in South Africa and died for the cause or Mark Mathabane who left South Africa which enabled him to write about his life growing up in apartheid South Africa?

  3. The majority of the white population of South Africa supported Aprartheid?

  4. During the Soweto riots Mark is faced with the realization that the only way for Blacks to gain freedom from apartheid was through the barrel of a gun, amid rivers of blood. Was freedom from apartheid going to end through violence or peaceful confrontation?

  5. Was it right for Mark’s father to demand he learn about the tribal ways rather than the ways of White South Africa.

  6. Steve Biko stated, a black African born into the poor conditions of the townships caused by apartheid whether he is smart or dumb is destine to die there in the townships. Is this statement true today as when he said it back in 1975?

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