Personal Narrative Essay

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Personal Narrative Essay
Choose one of the following writing prompts, and use the guidelines/techniques we've been discussing in class to write your own narrative essay. Your essay should be 2-3 pages max double spaced.
You must include sensory details, action, personal reflection, and dialogue in your essay. Your events need to be in chronological order. Your essay should also have a proper and distinguishable beginning, middle and end. Remember you can refer to your notes for help in these areas.

  • We all have memories connected to our experiences. Think about an experience you feel you'll always remember. Try to picture the time, place, and the people involved. Be sure to include enough details so that your reader can share your experience.

  • Write about a time when you were surprised. It could have been a birthday party or when you got something you had not expected. It could be when you planned something and it didn't turn out the way you thought it would. It could have been when someone came for a surprise visit. Remember surprises can be funny, scary, or exciting!

  • Choose a vivid time from your childhood. Narrate the events related to the childhood memory that you've chosen so that your readers will understand why the event was important and memorable.

  • Think of a time in your life that seemed bad, but turned out to be good. Tell the story of the event that you experienced and help your readers understand how an event that seemed negative turned out to have valuable consequences.


2-3 pages typed

Double spaced

12 point font/Times New Roman

Narrative Rubric
Beginning--interesting, catchy /2
Middle--action, chronological order, suspense /2
End--includes personal reflection or lesson /2
Sensory details /4
Action /4
Dialogue--sounds realistic /4
Personal reflection /4
Shows more than tells /3
Requirements Met /3
Spelling--no more than 2 errors /3
Word Choice--descriptive, carefully chosen, creative /3
Sentence fluency--sentences are skillfully written, show variety, and are easy to understand /3
Paragraphs /3

Total /40
*Rough copy due: Wednesday, March 13th

*Revising and Editing: Wednesday and Thursday during class

*Final draft due: Monday, March 18th

*Attach this rubric for 1 bonus point

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