Personal Creed Project Envisioning a Life

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Personal Creed Project

Envisioning a Life

I think this project made it clear for many students that they had a past, they have a present, and that they will have a future . . . it has gotten rid of that part of me that was unsure and skeptical about my future.

Shabnam Baigzad, class of 2010

Educating the mind without educating the soul

is no education at all.


Version 2

dedicated to the Millennial Generation

This project is recognized by

the James Moffett Memorial Award for Teacher Research

National Council of Teachers of English and the National Writing Project

Project Overview and Approximate Schedule

Overview of Creed Reflections Steps I-IV




Steps I-IV: Creed Reflections

  • Table of Contents for Creed Section of Writer’s Notebook Due: _____ 10
  • Step I (A-H) (8 Creed Inquiries) Due: _____ 80

  • Step II (A-C) (3 Creed Inquiries) Due: _____ 30

  • Step III (A-C) (3 Creed Inquiries + Personal Iceberg) Due: _____ 40

  • Step IV (A-C) (3 Creed Inquiries) Due: _____ 30

I-IV subtotal . . . 200

Step V: Sharing and Living Your Creed

  • Narrative Essay Due: _____ 275

  • Presentation Option A (Reflective Essay--Sharing 1 page) Due: _____ 25 OR

  • Presentation Option B (Reflective Essay and Project) Due: _____ 25

Version 2, with thanks to John Creager and Kendra Perry Project Total . . .500

The Personal Creed Project

“You can know a lot, and understand very little.”

Toni Morrison

Dear Students,

With this quote, we kick off the major project on the Personal Leg of our course: your Personal Creed Project. I hope this course helps you realize the surprising way your experiences in life flow directly from your vision of life. Your personal vision is like the headwaters of your life. Not far downstream from our vision of life our values form. With an understanding of what we value or stand for, when the right influences come along we can eventually develop a sense of life purpose. Further downstream our viewpoints and opinions form, then our attitudes, and finally our actions. Your attitudes and actions don’t just come out of nowhere. They have a source upstream—in a vision and purpose that you have the power to shape. This may be the most empowering knowledge you will ever discover.

And yet, as recently as 2008, researcher William Damon wrote, “only about one if five young people in the 12-22 year age express a clear vision of where they want to go, and what they want to accomplish in life, and why.” I hope you can see how important it is for each of us to devote some care and thought to building a personal vision of life. In fact, the subtitle of both this course and this project is Envisioning a Life. A vision of life will help you harmonize the inner realities of your heart, mind, and spirit with the often conflicting realities of our world. I hope this project will spark, or renew, your own search for a personal vision.

The Creed Project comes in two sections. Your Creed Reflections blend in with the rest of your learning activities in English. The Creed Reflections come in four steps:

  • Step I: Here you think and write about the people, situations and experiences in your PAST that have made you who and what you are. Eight reflections in your writer’s notebook.

  • Step II: In this step you think and write about which of these influences were positive, which were negative, and what you can learn from them. Three total reflections.

  • In Step III you think and write about what is important to you NOW. Three total reflections.

  • In Step IV you test what you say you value in Step III. You begin with some creative writing exercises and end by thinking and writing about how your values can shape your FUTURE. Three total reflections

The second section of the project is Sharing and Living Your Creed. It comes in two steps:

  • Final Projects: (Creative Visual Presentations) and (Reflective Essay). Two choices. You will write a 3-5 page reflective paper about who you are and what you stand for---and you share highlights with the class…

  • Or you create a visual presentation that summarizes these lessons to show the class.

NOTE: Your reflections are private until you choose to select some to share with others. You are not asked to share anything you prefer to keep private.

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