Pee chain: make a point, provide evidence

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The Hunger Games Take Home Essay - B

Choose ONE of the following prompts and write a well-organized and supported essay to prove your assertions. Do not merely paraphrase Collins or summarize the plot. Remember the PEE Chain: make a point, provide evidence, and explain how your evidence proves your point. Include quotes from the novel (evidence) and cite them (page #). Provide citations for any outside resources you have consulted for information. Use present tense.

Identify to which prompt you are responding.

Rough draft due: ___________________________ This is a 4th quarter portfolio requirement.
PROMPTS – Choose one:

  1. Discuss the concept of sacrifice as Collins presents it in the novel. What great sacrifice does Katniss make for her sister, Prim, and why? What sacrifices do Peeta and Katniss make for one another throughout the Games? Explain how the concept of sacrifice is particularly emphasized in the final moments of the Games.

  1. Write an essay on one of the following themes or major concepts found in the novel. Explain the significance of the concept or theme, and demonstrate how Collins presents it in the novel.

    1. Although people may feel powerless against a tyrannical government, they are capable of effecting change.

    2. Even one’s greatest enemy deserves mercy in a time of suffering.

    3. Dignity and self-respect are more important than money or luxury.

    4. When we view the suffering of others as entertainment, we dehumanize ourselves as well as those others.

  2. The Hunger Games are the ultimate reality show – a popular genre in our own society today. Comparing past (gladiators) and current reality entertainment to the novel, what assertion can be made about human nature?

  1. Explore the concept of identity as it is presented in the novel. In what ways does Peeta remain true to his identity throughout the Games? To what extent does Katniss betray her identity during the Games, and how does she feel about misrepresenting herself?

  2. Choose one character from those listed below and prove that he or she is an integral part of the novel by being necessary in one of the following ways: establishing an important theme, creating or adding to conflict, or revealing character and motivation for Katniss.

    1. Rue

    2. Cato

    3. Prim

    4. Gale

    5. Haymitch

    6. Cinna

    7. Avox girl

    8. Effie Trinket

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