Patterns in Nature

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Patterns in Nature” by Diane Ackerman
Answer each of the following questions in a complete, thoughtful response.

  1. a) Identify the main point or thesis of this essay by stating it in your own words.

b) Provide two examples from the essay which help to prove this thesis.

  1. According to Ackerman, how do similes and metaphors comfort us? Provide at least two examples of textual support in your response.

  1. Identify two reasons she gives for humans’ need for pattern. Provide one example from the essay and one example from your own experience to support your response.

  1. In what way does the opening paragraph serve as a link to the rest of the essay?

  1. Study Ackerman’s similes and metaphors in paragraph four. Explain how she uses these devices to create her own patterns within the paragraph. Support your answer.

  1. Find an example of an analogy in the essay. Explain its significance to the essay.

  1. With a partner or the members of your group, compose at least three similes and/or metaphors that reinforce Ackerman’s thesis.

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