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English XI

By Car Across Europe


In this essay the author deals with pleasures of journey by car across the different region of the continent Europe. The writer tells us that English people love a life of adventures. Every year a large number of people spend their holidays on the continent of Europe. It is very easy to reach the continent of Europe from England because one has only to cross the English Channel, which is not very expensive and one can also enjoy a lot of things on the way.


Every year a large number of English people spend their summer holidays on the continent of Europe. Young people travel by bicycle or on foot and staying at Youth Hostels. The older people travel by train and stay in hotels. Many people too take their own cars with them and travel far and wide in search of enjoyments and novelty.

A typical young English married couple, Roger and Sheila Forester, on a journey by car from London to Naples. They had spent their honeymoon on the Isles of Capri, and now, five years later, had determined to make a kind of sentimental pilgrimage. Roger obtained a passport, travellers' cheques, and the necessary documents for his car, and early one morning they set off from London for Dover.
The distance is only about 112 kilometers, but traffic in England is so heavy especially in and around London. After going through the Customs formalities, Roger was able to drive on to the car-ferry
Roger and his wife were both in high spirits at the beginning of their holiday. They had lunch on board. They had not made any definite plans or booked any hotels, except in Capri. By the time the ship docked at Dunkirk they had decided nothing except to try and reach Brussels that night.

At Dunkirk they drove off the ferry into France and were soon on their way towards Belgium. They quickly reached the frontier. and were pleasantly surprised at the speed and the simplicity of the Customs formalities. It was getting dark by the time they reached Brussels. They stopped at the first decent hotel.

After a good night's rest they set off again next morning. They wanted to spend most of their month's holiday in Italy. From Brussels they turned southwards and drove through the rolling hills of the Ardennes. They decided to go a more interesting way round, and follow the Moselle Valley to Koblenz.
They could not reach Koblenz the same night. They were in Germany now. They arrived the next day at Koblenz. The car was running smoothly, the weather remained fine, and both Roger and Sheila were feeling very pleased. But Roger was bit tired of driving so they decided to have a day's rest In Switzerland.
Next morning they discussed the situation and planned to go to Venice. Sheila Was delighted with Venice. The rest of the journey was completed as they had planned it. Twelve days after leaving London they were sitting on the terrace of their hotel In Capri enjoying the unrivalled beauty of that wonderful Mediterranean island.
Q.NO.1: Why is it easy to reach the continent of Europe from England? .:
It is easy because it is not expensive. One could go by bicycle or on foot, hitch hiking.
Q.NO.2: How do students often travel abroad?
There is an excellent variety of things to see and do abroad, new countries to explore, new kinds of food to eat. Therefore, it has been a very charming destination for the students in particular to visit Europe.
Q.NO.3: How do older people often travel abroad?
The older people with less energy and more money travel by bus or by train and stay in hotels
Q.NO.4: What are the advantages of taking a private car?
By taking a private car one can go farther and see more with less inconvenience. One doesn't have to worry about catching buses and trains, or finding porters and taxis
Q.NO.5: Why were Roger and Sheila going to Capri
The couple goes to Capri after five years for the sentimental pilgrimage

What preparations did Roger make?

Roger obtained a passport, traveler's cheques, and the necessary document for his car, and early one morning they set off from London for Dover
Q.NO.6: How did they cross the English Channel?
They crossed the English Channel by sea. However one can cross it either by air or by sea
Q.NO.7: What happened on board the ship?
The couple had lunch on board. Roger bought some tax-free cigarettes, and then they entered into conversation with the fellow-passengers about the route they intended to follow across Europe
Q.NO.8: What did they do when they left Dunkirk?
From Dunkirk they drove off the ferry' into France and were soon on their way
Q.NO.9: Where did they go after Brussels?
From Brussels they turned southwards and drove through the rolling, hill of the Ardennes, the scene of one of the last great battles of the Second World War, to Luxembourg towards Belgium.
Q.NO.10: Which route did they take through Germany?
The couple followed the curves of the beautiful valley of the River Moselle; they arrived

the next day at Koblenz, and once more turned southwards to drive along the River

Rhine all the way through the Black Forest to the town of Basel on the Swiss frontier.
Q.NO.11: Why did Roger want to drive across Switzerland?
Roger wanted to drive across Switzerland in order to test his car and his driving skill on

the mountain roads of Switzerland.

Q.NO.12: Why is Venice unique?
It is always so fascinating to go through the unique experiences of the life, to get amazed one needs to have a look to the new things those are unusual to their lives hence, Venice is unique in the world because of its canals instead of roads

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