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Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение

«Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 19»

Paralympic games
Учитель англ. языка:

Долгова Е.В.


Тема урока: Paralympic games
Цель урока:

– актуализация информации о паралимпийских играх, имеющейся у школьников

Обучающие задачи:

– расширить представление школьников о паралимпийских играх;

– подключить школьников к активному освоению системы паралимпийских ценностей;

– привлечь учащихся к конкурсу на создание идей Талисманов Олимпийских и Паралимпийских игр в Сочи 2014 г.

Развивающие задачи:

- говорение – развитие монологической речи;

- письмо – развитие навыков письма (работа по карточкам);

- чтение – развитие навыков выразительного чтения;

- аудирование – развитие навыков восприятия текста.

Воспитательные задачи:

- пропаганда Здорового Образа Жизни;

-привлечение детей к регулярным занятиям спортом.
Тип урока: комбинированный урок с элементами интерактивной беседы.
Техническое и иное обеспечение:

• мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, экран;


• бланки-заявки на участие в конкурсе;

• проекты по теме.
Работа в группах, поисковая, индивидуальная
Структура урока

1. Актуализация имеющейся у учащихся информации о ценностях паралимпийского движения.

2. Мотивация учащихся к активному освоению новой информации.

3. Диалог-обсуждение.

4. Обобщение полученной информации.

5. Стимулирование учащихся к созданию идей будущих Талисманов Игр (рисование).


Этапы урока.

1. Introduction.

- Good morning, I’m glad to see you, sit down, please! You know that sport plays a great role in our life. I think, that new generation must become personification not only youth, but also adherence to healthy way of living, to sport, to Olympic and Paralympic values. The theme of our lesson today is unusually “Paralympic games”.

-‘‘With glowing hearts’’ is the epigraph of our lesson. In my opinion, these people are with glowing hearts, because they achieve goals themselves, they demonstrate unlimited possibilities of fortitude, tendency to live and glad to life, glad their victories and achievements.
- What do mean Paralympic games? - Athletic competition for people with disabilities: amputees, impaired vision, cerebral palsy. Put attention at the words, please.

What do you know about the history of Paralympic games? It was your home task. Who wants?

2. Warming-up.
In1948, Sir Ludwig Guttmann organized a sports competition involving World War II veterans with a spinal cord injury in Stoke Mandeville, England. For years later, competitors from the Netherlands joined the games and an international movement was born. Olympic style games with a disability were organized for the first time in Rome in 1960, now calls Paralympics. In Toronto in 1976, other disability groups were added and the idea of merging together different disability groups for international sport competitions was born. In the same year, the first Paralympic Winter Games took place in Sweden.

Today, the Paralympics are elite sport events for athletes with a disability. The British city of London will host the next Paralympic Games in 2012, whereas Sochi will host the Winter Paralympics in 2014 and Rio will be the host of the 2016 Paralympic Games.

- Thank you, take your places. As you know, Paralympic Games can’t be without medals. Track events at the Summer Paralympics include the 100-meter, 200-meter, 400-meter etc.

Other sports include basketball, bowling, cycling, fencing, goalball, judo, swimming, table tennis, volleyball, weightlifting and wheelchair rugby.

Events at the Winter Paralympics include Alpine and Nordic skiing, ice-sledge hockey, ice-sledge racing and biathlon. The Paralympics are recognized and supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and governed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).
Aghitos – is the symbol of Paralympic games, which symbolize intelligence, body and unbroken spirit. The three colours of Aghitos are the most famous colours on the flags all over the world.
Now, say me, please, which questions would you want to ask your classmates about our theme?

  1. Let’s imagine the situation, when somebody says that you haven’t chances. What need for you if you want to do the first step?

As for me, there are courage, purpose, confidence, support.

  1. Do you know anybody who showed courage from our school or our class?

No, I don’t.

Yes, I do. My best friend is Alina, sometimes ago she saved the kitten from the dog.

3. What does mean competition?

Oh, this is the selection of the best sportsmen.

4. Name the principle, which ensure objectivity of competitions?

Well, maybe equality.

5. What do you think, which emotions feel Paralympics sportsmen, changing their life?

First of all, this is inspiration, happy, of course, joy

6. When do you feel these emotions?

When I create something, for example a composition, when I win in our sport competitions

There are many values in our world. Which of them do you know? (Friendship, respect, support etc.)

Which of them are the most important for you?

I think the most important for me is love, because without this value we can’t live.

3. Activity.

As you know Paralympic and Olympic games have own values. Do some task now. Compose the words from the letters. One of the words will be Olympic value; the second of the words will be Paralympic value (раздаю конверты).

Check-up your answers (слайд)

Repeat after me:→ Courage, → equality, → determination, → inspiration, friendship, excellence, respect.

These values help our paralympic champions to achieve their goals.
- OK, now open your workbooks.

There are our Paralympic champions. Work in groups. Indicate: name, country, sport. Read the texts and say: Who are they?




Irec Zaripov , a 27-year-old from Russia, has been involved in sports for people with a disability for about ten years. He lost both of his legs after a car accident in 2000. In 2005 Russian chief coach Irina Gromova invited him to practice Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon. In 2007 Irec Zaripov topped the IPC Cross Country Skiing World Cup overall ranking with an astonishing eight victories and placed second in the Biathlon World Cup ranking.
2. Name:


Born with an abnormality of the lower/upper arm, 19-year old Tatiana Ilioutchenco was always interested in sport. Her Biathlon career started with a bang when she first competed in the IPC Nordic Skiing World Championships in Baiersbronn, Germany, in 2003.

3. Name:



Konstantin Sosunov and Elena Shilyaeva met at the “Grotesk” wheelchair dancing Ensemble in 2003. Both being paraplegic, they started competing as a dance couple in 2006. When not dancing, Elena Shilyaeva . takes part in designing and sewing for the ensemble shows, while Konstantin Sosunov works as an instructor to show others how to use a wheelchair.

Only one year after they have started dancing together they won two gold medals at the 2007 IPC European wheelchair dancing Sport Championships in Warsaw, Poland, in the Latin and Standard Class.

4. Name:



Thirty-seven year old Anna Burmistrova ,born with a visual impairment, was one of the top athletes at the IPC Nordic Skiing .World Championships held in Maine, USA, last month. By winning four gold medals and one bronze, she was the most successful athlete of the event, where she competed in all six competitions.

- Good! You are right. There are Anna Burmistrova, Irec Zaripov, Tatiana Ilioutchenco, Konstantin Sosunov and Elena Shilyaeva.

- Listen to the text “What is it to be a professional sportsman? As you listen, complete the following sentences in your workbooks.
a)1. This new job demanded new _________с_____________.

2. All professional sportsmen follow a strict _____a__________.

3. I was going to achieve that _______d___________.

4. The man got many __________b_____ in the accident.

5. Antony was a ___________f_______ sportsman.

6. You have _________e_______ the instructions of your coaches.


a a regime c skills e to follow

b an injury d a goal f promising

b) 1). Antony was a successful at the Olympiad because
1. it was pure luck

2. the judge helped him

3. he put much effort into his victory

2). Antony is sure that the key thing in professional career is

1. discipline and skills

2. your desire to be a professional sportsman

3. following all the instructions

3). A professional sport is something that
1. makes your healthy

2. you shouldn’t do if you want to stay healthy

3. is very entertaining

4). The young man has become a good trainer because
1. he used to be a student himself

2. he knows what the discipline is about

3.  he knows how to be strict

5). Antony didn’t want to advertise anything because

1. he didn’t want to be responsible

2. he didn’t want to take part in commercial things

3. there would be a lot of attention from journalists

 6). When Antony started to do skating professionally he
1. didn’t suspect how dangerous it was

2. knew very little about this career

3. knew that this profession was risky


- You know, that Olympic and Paralympic Games have own talismans. Talismans promote rise people’s attention at concrete games. Talismans in Vancouver Games were invented creatures Мига, Суми, Куатчи, which were taken from national myth. Two steel drops Уэнлок and Мандевилл will be the Talismans in London. Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014 will have own talismans too. Sometimes ago the international competition passed off, where anybody could take part and send their creating talismans.

These are the talismans-winners.

You can see also some talismans of your friends, who took part in this competition.

To sum up, answer my questions:

  1. One of them who congratulates champions (president)

  2. This is the Paralympic symbol (agitos)

  3. One of the Olympic values (respect)

  4. Summer Paralympics (athletics)

  5. This town will host the next Paralympic games (London)

  6. Which colour is one of the Paralympic talismans in Sochi(yellow)

  7. Where were organized a sports competition involving World War II veterans (Mandeville)

  8. One of the disability categories (parapleghic)

  9. This is variety of hockey (ice-sledge hockey)

10. One of the Paralympic values (courage)

11. Who organized a sports competition for veterans (Guttmann)

12. Winter Paralympics (alpine skiing)

13. The reward for the victory (medal)

14. One of the Paralympic values (equality)

15. Where were the first Winter Paralympic games (Sweden)

You are good today. I think you understand that these games are very important for our country and each of us. We must proud of our champions.

4. Presentation of the video and discussion.
Now, watch the video, write down some words about your emotions and impressions. Who wants to speak out?
(спрашиваю 3-4 человека в зависимости от времени)
Thanks a lot. At the end of our lesson answer my question, please. What must we do for Paralympic champions?

I think, we must respect them first of all. But our government must do everything for these people, for example: to create without barrier surroundings.

I agree with you.

5. The conclusion of the lesson.

  • (If you want to find more information about our theme, put attention on these books and sites книги, сайты )

  • Now write down your homework, please

Sport in modern world. Do you like it risky or safe?

What is your opinion? Do you understand people who are fond of extreme sports? Write an essay 200-250 words.

We have 5 minutes, that’s why you can begin to do your homework.

  • I give you the following marks:…

  • I wish you healthy, wealthy and wise. Thank you for this lesson, it is over. Goodbye.

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