Paine Quote, Main point/s & Significance, p 85

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5. The American Revolution and Confederation, 1774-1787

Paine Quote, Main point/s & Significance, p 85

Quote Main Point





B. KEY TERMS BY THEME(KTBT), p 96. Select YOUR TOP KTBT from the lists. ID and significance of each.





1a. Separation

1b. Separation

1c. Separation

2. Expansion

3. War

4. Final Break

5a. A New Nation

5b. A New Nation

C. Multiple-Choice Questions, p 97-99.

Question & Letter Answer

Response Answer

Document Significance

1. Based on the excerpt, which of the following best describes King George’s view of the colonists??

Doc. 1-3

2.According to the excerpt, which of the following does King George hold primarily responsible for the American revolt?

3. Which of the following groups or individuals would have been most likely to agree with King George?

4. In the context of the various disputes between the colonists and Britain, which of the following would be the most important right cited?

Doc. 4-6

5. Which of the rights in the excerpt is expressed in a way that would be considered a limitation of individual rights?

6. The group most likely to oppose the ideas expressed in this excerpt would have been

7. To encourage African Americans to fight, Hamilton suggested in the excerpt that they would be promised

Doc. 7-8

8. Which of the following was the primary reason fro Hamilton’s call for African American soldiers?

D. Short Answer. Bullet point answer. Use KTBT whenever possible in responses. Highlight ALL KTBT terms in response. P. 100-102.

1a. Briefly explain support for the argument that the AOC succeeded in guiding the U.S. through its first decade using ALL of the choices below

1b. Briefly explain a challenge to the statement during this period using ALL of the choices below.





Land Ordinance of 1785

Foreign Affairs

Northwest Ordinance

Domestic Concerns

2. Answer a, b, c

2a. Briefly explain who the Patriots were.

2b. Briefly explain who the Loyalists were

2c. Briefly explain the role played in the war by ALL of the following: African Americans, American Indians, France.

3. Using the cartoon, answer a,b

3a. Explain the point of view reflected in the cartoon above regarding ALL of the following: The British Public, The French Gov’t, The American cartoon “Join or Die”, Yorktown

3b. Contrast the Patriots’ view of the cartoon with that of the Loyalists’ view.

4. Using the excerpt, answer a, b, c

4a. Briefly explain the point of view expressed by Abigail Adams about ALL of the following: power, liberties, prejudices.

4b. Briefly explain ONE development in the period leading up to independence that led to the point of view expressed here by Abigail

4c. Briefly explain ONE development in the period immediately after the REV WAR that challenges or supports the point of view expressed by Abigail.

Thinking as a Historian: Questions about contextualization. Which 3 items below would be answered with an essay emphasizing contextualization?

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