Osslt opinion Paragraphs (Essay) What is an Opinion Essay?

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OSSLT Opinion Paragraphs (Essay)

What is an Opinion Essay?

  • It is a piece of writing that states an opinion and supports that point of view.
  • It is written to persuade your reader to agree with you.
  • It has a certain form that must be followed: introduction, body and conclusion
  • It uses facts and evidence to convince the reader of the validity of your opinion

What are its Parts?

  • An introduction to the topic ending with a thesis
  • Three supporting arguments that are related to the main idea, each with their own focus; one paragraph each
  • A brief conclusion that summarizes your arguments

Marking the Opinion Paragraphs: 2 separate markers, 1 for content and 1 for conventions (writing)

  • Content /60
  • Conventions /40
  • This is what the marker looks for:
  • A clear opinion on the topic
  • Many specific and relevant supporting details
  • Ideas are clearly organized
  • This is what the marker looks for:
  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization
  • Overall clarity; can they read and understand your ideas.
  • Today’s Focus

Sample Question(2008)

How Do I Begin?

  • Begin with a rough outline that organizes all your thoughts on the subject into three arguments. You might want to start by brainstorming your ideas using a agree/disagree T-Chart
  • Choose the side with the most evidence.
  • Your 3 arguments will be the focus of your 3 body paragraphs
  • However you organize your ideas, you want to do it quickly, as you will not by marked for your rough work
  • Justin Bieber – drunk driving
  • Kim Kardashian– beauty obsessed
  • Usher –wastes money

Start with your Introduction & Thesis

  • The first sentence of your introduction should make a general statement about the topic
  • A thesis is a statement of opinion about the topic.
  • It should be clearly stated and supported by 2 to 3 main arguments
  • Teenagers are always exposed to the lives of celebrities on t.v. and on the internet, and may have a tendency to look to them as role models. However, many of today’s famous people are not good role models for young people because they often get caught doing illegal activities, are obsessed with beauty and spend their money on unnecessary things.

Body Paragraphs

  • Each paragraph begin with a clear topic sentence that restates your opinion and includes your first argument
  • Next, you should include specific evidence to support your argument.
  • Next, explain how this evidence proves your argument
  • Next, add 1-2 more specific evidences to your paragraph
  • Famous people are often times negative role models for today’s youth because they are always being caught in the media doing illegal activities. For example, Justin Bieber has been caught driving drunk on several occasions, and even got into a car accident as a result. If young people admire Bieber, they make think that it’s cool to drink and drive, but it’s not. You can kill yourself or other innocent people.

Essay Outline

  • Introduction with thesis – Famous people = bad role models
  • Body Paragraph # 1 – illegal activities
    • Evidence 1 – Bieber drunk driving
    • Evidence 2 – Miley Cyrus smoking drugs at award show
  • Body Paragraph # 2 – too thin
    • Evidence 1 – Kim Kardashian cosmetic surgery
    • Evidence 2 – Unrealistic body image for young girls
  • Body Paragraph # 3 – wasting money
    • Evidence 1 – Usher spends 1 million dollars on a party
    • Evidence 2 – Kim Kardashian has 5000 pairs of designer shoes
  • Conclusion


  • Review your arguments in the final paragraph
  • Restate your thesis
  • Stars like Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Usher can have a very negative influence on the youth of today. They encourage the use of drugs and other illegal activities and promote unrealistic expectations of beauty and fortune. All in all, young people should be very cautious about mimicking or worshipping today’s top celebrities because it can lead to serious consequences.

Edit Your Work

  • Do NOT edit while you are writing, it will slow down your writing and undermine your thinking
  • The OSSLT is a time sensitive test. Make sure you have ALL parts of the test completed before editing.
  • DO edit when you have completed ALL your work, if you have sufficient time left.
  • Edit by striking out the word and neatly printing the correction above it.
  • You are not allowed to use white-out on the OSSLT!

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