Only in America: The Prom, The Wings and The Amish

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Only in America: The Prom, The Wings and The Amish

You’ve studied English for several years. You’ve seen many American movies too. I guess you know a lot about American culture, right? Allow me to add some more to your knowledge of American culture. In this short essay, I would like to introduce you to three unique aspects of American culture: the High School Prom, Buffalo Wings and the Amish people of Pennsylvania.
One of the highlights of high school life is the Prom. The Prom, which usually occurs at the end of the school year in June, is a large party that celebrates the end of the high school years. The Prom is usually held at a hotel or some other large place and includes dancing and lots of food. There is sometimes heavy alcohol use, which is illegal in most states, after the Prom is finished. Almost always, a boy will ask a girl to be his ‘date’ for the Prom. The Prom students usually dress up in very expensive and beautiful clothes, which they rent only for that evening. Unfortunately, there are some girl students, who don’t get asked to go the Prom by a boy and some boys who cannot get a girl to agree to go with them. These students often feel very sad and may sit alone at home on Prom night.

You may think that Pizza is the most popular food in America. That may be true but Buffalo Wings are becoming more and more popular. Buffalos have wings? No. Buffalo, which is in New York, is the city that made them famous. Actually, buffalo wings are chicken wings and drumsticks, which are fried in oil. After frying, they are covered in a sauce, which consists of red hot pepper sauce and butter. The best place to buy buffalo wings is in a bar, where you can also drink cold beer to cool off your mouth after eating the hot, spicy sauce.

Your image of the United States in probably a place, that is very advanced in every aspect of modern life. However, there exists a place, where people choose to live as they did hundreds of years ago. They are called Amish communities. Most Amish live in Pennsylvania. They are very religious people, who live very simple lives: no telephone, no TV, no electricity, no cars. The Amish travel in carts pulled by horses. They live a simple life, which revolves around farming, family and the church.
Have you heard of the Prom, Buffalo Wings and the Amish people? I hope this brief introduction to these lesser-known aspects of American culture (at least not well known by foreigners) has stimulated your curiosity and helped you learn more about our unique culture here in the United States.

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