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On Color: The Faber Birren Book Collection

Reel Listing

Abney, William de W. (William de Wiveleslie), Sir, 1844-1920.

Researches in colour vision and the trichromatic theory.

London: New York, Longmans, Green and Company. 1913

Color; Color Vision; Color-Blindness; Optics

With 4 coloured plates and other illustrations.

Reel: 1 & 49, No. 4
Ackerman and Co.

The principles of design and colour.

London: Ackermann and Company. 1847

Color; Design

Reel: 1 & 49, No. 6
Adams, Edward, architect.

The polychromatic ornament of Italy.

London: G.W. Nickisson; New York: Wiley and Putnam. [1846?]

Decoration and Ornament: Architectural, Italian; Polychromy

Reel: 1 & 49, No. 7
Alston, J.W. (J. William).

Hints to young practitioners in the study of landscape painting.

London: Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme. 1804

Landscape Painting; Painting

To which are added instructions in the art of painting on velvet; Second edition.

Reel: 1 & 49, No. 13
Abbé, P. L'.

Observations sur l'arc-en-ciel, suivies de l'application d'une nouvelle théorie aux couleurs de ce phénomene.

Paris [s.n.]. 1788

Color; Rainbow

Reel: 1, No. 1
Abney, William de W. (William de Wiveleslie), Sir, 1844-1920.

Cantor lectures on photography and the spectroscope.

London: W. Trounce. 1885

Photography; Spectroscope

Reel: 1, No. 2
Abney, William de W. (William de Wiveleslie), Sir, 1844-1920.

Colour measurement and mixture.

London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; New York, E. and J. B. Young. 1891


Reel: 1, No. 3
An Account of a new process in painting, in two parts.

London: F.C. and J. Rivington. 1821

Painting: Technique

Reel: 1, No. 5
Castel, Louis Bertrand, 1688-1757.

Sermones in solenni Academiae Scientiarum imperialis conventu die XXIX.

Petropoli: Typis Academiae Scientiarum. [1742?]

Science: Early Works to 1800

aprilis anni MDCCXLII. publice recitati.

Reel: 1, No. 8
Algarotti, Francesco, conte, 1712-1764.

An essay on painting.

London: Printed for L. Davis and C. Reymers. 1764


written in Italian.

Reel: 1, No. 9
Alhazen, 965-1039.

Opticae Thesavrvs Alhazeni Arabis libri septem nunc primum editi.

Basileae: Per Episcopios. 1572

Optics: Early Works to 1800

a' Frederico Risnero.

Reel: 1, No. 10
Alison, Archibald, 1757-1839.

Essays on the nature and principles of taste.

Edinburgh: Printed for J.J. . and G. Robinson, London; and Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh. 1790


Reel: 1, No. 11
Allen, Grant, 1848-1899.

The colour-sense.

London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner. 1892

Color; Color Vision

Its origin and development. An essay in comparative psychology; 2d ed.

Reel: 1, No. 12
Andrews, E.C. (Emory Cobb), b.1878.

Color and its application to printing.

Chicago: Inland Printer Company. c1911


Reel: 2 & 49, No. 15
Andrews, E.C. (Emory Cobb), b.1878.

Color secrets.

New York: Ruxton. 1929

Color; Color-Printing

Reel: 2 & 49, No. 16
Arrowsmith, H.W. (Henry William).

The house decorator and painter's guide.

London: T. Kelly. 1840

Decoration and Ornament; Interior Decoration

Containing a series of designs for decorating apartments, suited to the various styles of architecture.

Reel: 2 & 49, No. 21
Ganot, A. (Adolphe), 1804-1887.

Natural philosophy for general readers and young persons.

London: Longman, Green and Company. 1884


trans. and ed. from Ganot's Cours élémentaires de physique / by E. Atkinson. 5th ed.

Reel: 2 & 49, No. 25
Andés, Louis Edgar, 1848-1925.

Oil colours and printers' inks.

London: Scott, Greenwood; New York: D. Van Nostrand. 1903

Paint; Pigments; Printing Ink

A practical handbook treating of linseed oil, boiled oils, paints, artists' colours, lampblack and printers' inks, black and coloured. Translated from the German by Arthur Morris and Herb. Robson. With fifty-six illustrations.

Reel: 2, No. 14
Araldo, Sicillo.

Trattato dei colori nelle arme, nelle livree et nelle divise.

Venice: Lucio Spineda. 1599

Symbolism of Colors

Reel: 2, No. 17
Arclais de Montamy, Didier François d', 1702-1765.

Traité des couleurs pour la peinture en émail et sur la porcelaine.

Paris: G. Cavelier. 1765

Ceramics; Enamel and Enameling; Porcelain

Reel: 2, No. 18

[Works]; The works of Aristotle.

Oxford: Clarendon Press. 1908-1952

Philosophy; Collected Works

translated into English under the editorship of W.D. Ross.

Reel: 2, No. 19
Armenini, Giovanni Battista, 1540-1609.

De' veri precetti della pittuvra.

Ravenna: Apreffo Francesco Tebaldini; Hildesheim: George Olms Verlag. 1971

Painting: Early Works to 1800

Libri tre.

Reel: 2, No. 20
The Art of drawing and painting in water-colours.

London: Printed for J. Peele. 1732

Drawing: Study and Teaching; Painting; Water Color Painting: Technique

Whereby a stranger to those arts may be immediately rendered capable of delineating any view or prospect. ... with instructions for making transparent colours ... chiefly from a manuscript of the great Mr. Boyle. 2d ed., with large additions.

Reel: 2, No. 22
The Art of drawing in perspective.

London: Printed for J. Johnson. 1797

Amber; Drawing: Technique; Glass Painting and Staining

To which are annexed the art of painting upon glass and drawing in crayons ... 6th ed.

Reel: 2, No. 23
The Art Journal illustrated catalogue.

London: G. Virtue. 1851

Art Industries and Trade; Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations (1851: London)

The industry of all nations, 1851.

Reel: 2, No. 24
Audsley, George Ashdown, 1838-1925.

Colour in dress.

London: S. Low, Marston. 1912

Color in Clothing

A manual for ladies on all matters connected with proper selection and harmonious combination of colours suitable for the various complexions. Based on the indisputable phenomena of colour.

Reel: 2, No. 26
Barrow, John, fl.1735.

Dictionarium polygraphicum: or, The whole body of arts regularly digested.

London: C. Hitch and C. Davis. 1735

Art: Dictionaries; Industrial Arts: Dictionaries

Reel: 3 & 4, No. 35
Audsley, George Ashdown, 1838-1925; Audsley, Maurice Ashdown.

The practical decorator and ornamentist.

Glasgow: Blackie and Son. [1829?]

Decoration and Ornament

Reel: 3 & 49, No. 27
Badische Company.

Substantive dyestuffs on cotton piece-goods.

New York: Badische Company. [19--?]


Reel: 3 & 49, No. 29
Ballantine, James, 1808-1877.

A treatise on painted glass.

London: Chapman and Hall. 1845

Glass Painting and Staining

Shewing its applicability to every style of architecture.

Reel: 3 & 49, No. 30
Barnard, George, 1807-1890.

Drawing from nature.

London: Longmans, Green, Reader and Dyer. 1865


A series of progressive instructions in sketching from elementary studies to finished views, with examples from Switzerland and the Pyrenees. To which are appended lectures on art delivered at Rugby School; illustrated by eighteen coloured and lithographic plates, and more than one hundred woodcuts.

Reel: 3 & 49, No. 33
Barnard, George, 1807-1890.

Theory and practice of landscape painting in water colours.

London: W.S. Orr. 1855

Landscape Painting; Painting

Reel: 3 & 49, No. 34
Bardwell, Thomas, d.1780.

Practical treatise on painting in oil-colours.

London: E. and J. White. 1795


Reel: 3, No. 31
Bardwell, Thomas, d.1780.

The practice of painting and perspective made easy.

London: Printed by S. Richardson for the author. 1756

Painting; Perspective

Reel: 3, No. 32
Bartholemeus Anglicanus.

De Iride one leaf, on vellum, from De Proprietatibus rerum, early 15th century.


Reel: 4 & 49, No. 36
Beaumont, Robert, 1862-1924.

Colour in woven design.

London: New York, Wittaker. 1912

Color in the Textile Industries

Being a treatise on the science and technology of textile colouring (woollen, worsted, cotton and silk materials); 2d ed., rewritten and enl.

Reel: 4 & 49, No. 39
Bemrose, William, 1831-1908.

Mosacion, or, Paper mosaic and how to make it.

London: Bemrose. [18--?]

Paper Work

Reel: 4 & 49, No. 40
Benson, William, architect.

Manual of the science of colour on the true theory of the colour-sensations and the natural system.

London: Chapman and Hall. 1871

Color; Color Vision

Reel: 4 & 49, No. 41
Benson, William, architect.

Principles of the science of colour concisely stated to aid and promote their useful application in the decorative arts.

London: Chapman and Hall. 1868

Color in Interior Decoration

Reel: 4 & 49, No. 42
Bezold, Wilhelm von, 1837-1907.

The theory of color in its relation to art and art-industry.

Boston: L. Prang and Company. 1876

Color; Decoration and Ornament; Painting

translated from the German by S.R. Koehler; with an introduction and notes by Edward C. Pickering.

Reel: 4 & 49, No. 45
Batteux, Charles, 1713-1780.

Les beaux arts reduits à un même principe.

Paris: Durand. 1747


Reel: 4, No. 37
Bayer, Antonio M.

Manuale dell' inverniciatore o sia l'arte d'inverniciare, indorare, stemperare i colori: tratto dalle opere di Tingry e Watin.

Milano: G. Silvestri. 1829

Varnish and Varnishing

Reel: 4, No. 38
Bernstein, Julius, 1839-1917.

The five senses of man.

New York: Appleton. 1881

Senses and Sensations

Reel: 4, No. 43
Bersch, Josef, 1840-1907.

The manufacture of mineral and lake pigments.

London: Scott, Greenwood and Son. 1901

Color Mattering; Pigments

Containing directions for the manufacture of all artificial artists' and painters' colours, enamel colours, soot and metallic pigments ...; translated from the 2d, rev. ed. by Arthur C. Wright.

Reel: 4, No. 44
Bird, F.J. (Frederick J.).

The dry cleaner and garment dyer.

[Philadelphia: s.n.]. [1891?]

Dry Cleaning; Dyes and Dyeing

Reel: 4, No. 47
Birren, Faber, b.1900.

Color in vision.

Chicago: C V. Ritter. 1928

Color; Color Vision

Reel: 5 & 49, No. 49
Blackburne, E.L. (Edward Lushington).

Sketches, graphic and descriptive, etc., for a history of the decorative painting applied to English architecture during the Middle Ages.

London: J. Williams. 1847

Decoration and Ornament: Architectural, England

Reel: 5 & 49, No. 50
Blanc, Charles, 1813-1882.

The grammar of painting and engraving.

Chicago: Griggs. 1879

Engraving; Painting

translated from the French of Blanc's Grammaire des arts du dessin by Kate Newell Doggett. 3d ed.

Reel: 5 & 49, No. 51
Bock, Franz, 1823-1899.

Geschichte der liturgischen Gewander des Mittelalters: oder, Entstechung und Entwicklung der kirchlichen Ornate und Paramente.

Bonn: Henry and Cohen. 1856-1871

Church Vestments; Needlework

mit einem Vorworte von Georg Müller.

Reel: 5 & 49, No. 53
Bird, Golding, 1815-1854.

The elements of natural philosophy, or an introduction to the physical sciences.

London: Churchill and Sons. 1867


by Charles Brooke, based on the treatise by the late Golding Bird.

Reel: 5, No. 48
Blockx, Jacques, 1844-1913.

A compendium of painting = Compendium a l'usage des artistes peintres et des amateurs de tableaux.

London: Percy Young. 1904

Painting: Technique

Reel: 5, No. 52
Bradley, Milton, 1836-1911.

Color in the school-room.

Springfield, Mass.: Milton Bradley. c1890

Color: Study and Teaching

A manual for teachers.

Reel: 6 & 49, No. 63
Bradley, Milton, 1836-1911.

Elementary color.

Springfield, Mass.: Milton Bradley. c1895


with an introd. by Henry Lefavour.

Reel: 6 & 49, No. 64
Boutet, Claude.

Traité de mignatvre, povr appendre aisément à peindre sans maître et le secret de faire les plus belles couleurs, l'or bruny, & l'or en coquille.

Paris: C. Balard. 1676

Colors; Miniature Painting; Painting

2. ed., reveuë, corigée & augmentée.

Reel: 6, No. 54
Bovier, P.L. (Pierre Louis), 1766-1836.

Manuel des jeunes artistes et amateurs en peinture.

Paris: F.G. Levrault. 1832

Painting: Technique; Paintings: Conservation and Restoration

2. éd.

Reel: 6, No. 56
Bowles, Carrington, 1724-1793.

The artist's assistant in drawing, perspective, etching, engraving.

London: Printed for Laurie and Whittle. 1799

Art: Technique

Methodically digested and adapted to the capacities of young beginners; Sixth edition, improved.

Reel: 6, No. 57
Bowles, Carrington, 1724-1793.

The art of painting in water-colours, etc., exemplified in landscapes, flowers, etc.

London: Robert Laurie and James Whittle. 1802

Painting; Water Color Painting

by the author of The artist's assistant. Twelfth edition, cor. and greatly improved with additions.

Reel: 6, No. 58
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.

Experimenta et considerationes de coloribus.

Genevae: Apud Samuelem de Tournes. 1680

Color; Colors

Reel: 6, No. 59
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.

The philosophical works of the honourable Robert Boyle.

London: W. Innys. 1738

Chemistry, Medicine, Physics: Collected Works

Abridg'd, methodiz'd and dispos'd under the general heads of physics, statics, pneumatics, natural-history, chymistry and medicine ... / illustrated with notes ... by Peter Shaw. 2d ed., corr.

Reel: 6, No. 60
Bracquemond, Félix, 1833-1914.

Du dessin et de la couleur.

Paris: G. Charpentier. 1885

Color; Design

Reel: 6, No. 61
Bradley, J.W. (John William), 1830-1916.

A manual of illumination on paper and vellum.

London: Winsor and Newton. 1861

Illumination of Books and Manuscripts

appendix by T.G. Goodwin. 7th ed., partially rewritten, materially enl. and thoroughly rev.

Reel: 6, No. 62
Brewster, David, Sir, 1781-1868.

The kaleidoscope.

London: J. Murray. 1858


Its history, theory and construction with its application to the fine and useful arts; 2d ed., greatly enl.

Reel: 6, No. 65
Brown, J.H.

Spectropia, or, Surprising spectral illusions, showing ghosts everywhere and of any colour.

London: Griffith and Farran. 1864

Ghosts; Optical Illusions; Optics

1st series; with sixteen ill. 3d. edition.

Reel: 7 & 49, No. 67
Browning, John, 1835-1925.

How to work with the spectroscope.

London: [s.n.]. 1883


A manual of practical manipulation with spectroscopes of all kinds; 2d ed.

Reel: 7 & 49, No. 69
Brücke, Ernst Wilhelm, Ritter Von, 1819-1892.

Untersuchungen über den Farbenwechsel des afrikanischen Chamäleons.

Leipzig: W. Engelmann. 1893

Chameleons; Reptiles, Color

herausgegeben von M. v. Frey.

Reel: 7 & 49, No. 70
Bryant, Joshua, fl.1795-1810.

Bryant's treatise on the use of Indian ink and colours.

London: R. Ackermann's repository of arts. 1808

Color; India Ink

Reel: 7 & 49, No. 71
Burke, William Henry.

A short history of marble mosaic pavements and of the events connected with their modern revival.

[s.l.: s.n.]. [1895?]

Pavements, Mosaic

Reel: 7 & 49, No. 78
Burnet, John, 1784-1868.

Practical hints on colour in painting.

London: J. Carpenter and Son. 1830

Color; Painting

3d ed.

Reel: 7 & 49, No. 81
Brewster, David, Sir, 1781-1868.

A treatise on optics.

London: Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green. 1831


Reel: 7, No. 66
Browne, Alexander, fl.1675.

Ars pictoria, or, An academy treating of drawing, painting, limning, etching, etc.

London: Printed for Arthur Rooker. 1675

Art: Technique

To which are added XXXI copper plates, expressing the choicest, nearest and most exact grounds and rules of symmetry ...; 2d ed., corr. and enl. by the author.

Reel: 7, No. 68
Buchotte, engineer.

Les regles du dessein et du lavis, pour les plans particuliers des ouvrages & des bâtimens.

Paris: C.A. Jombert. 1743


Nouv. éd.

Reel: 7, No. 72
Buonanni, Filippo, 1638-1725.

Neuer Tractat von Firnis-Laquir und Mahler-Künsten.

Breslau und Leipzig: Berlegts Daniel Pietfch, Buchhandl. 1753

Lacquer and Lacquering

nach dem original des berühmten Pater Bonani in Rom.

Reel: 7, No. 75
Buonanni, Filippo, 1638-1725.

Traité des vernis, ou, L'on donne la maniere d'en composer un qui ressemble parfaitement à celui de la Chine.

Paris: Chez L. d'Houry. 1733

Lacquer and Lacquering

Reel: 7, No. 76
Burgess, John Cart, 1798-1863.

A practical essay on the art of flower painting.

London: Printed for the author by D. Jacques. 1811

Flower Painting and Illustration

together with ... accounts of the lives and works of eminent flower painters.

Reel: 7, No. 77
Burnet, John, 1784-1868.

An essay on the education of the eye with reference to painting.

London: J. Carpenter. 1837

Painting: Studying and Teaching

2d ed.

Reel: 7, No. 79
Burnet, John, 1784-1868.

Landscape painting in oil colours.

London: D. Bogue. 1849

Landscape Painting; Painting

Explained in letters on the theory and practice of the art and illustrated by examples from the several schools.

Reel: 7, No. 80
Burnet, John, 1784-1868.

Practical hints on composition in painting.

London: J. Carpenter and Son. 1828

Composition (Art); Painting: Technique

3d ed.

Reel: 7, No. 82
Burnet, John, 1784-1868.

Practical hints on light and shade in painting.

London: J. Carpenter and Son. 1829

Painting; Shades and Shadows

Illustrated by examples from the Italian, Flemish and Dutch schools; 3d edition.

Reel: 7, No. 83
Burtin, François-Xavier de, 1743-1818.

Traité théorique et practique des connoissances qui sont necessaires à tout amateur de tableaux.

Bruxelles: Impr. de Weissenbruch, se trouve chez l'auteur. 1808

Art Museums; Painting: Private Collections; Paintings: Prices

Suivi d'observations sur les collections publiques et particulières.

Reel: 7, No. 84
Calvi, Girolamo Luigi, 1791-1872.

Della norma che per dipingere le ombre deve dedursi dalle osservazioni fisiche più o meno recenti ed ora qui anche maggiormente estese.

Milano: Tipi di Luigi de Giacomo Pirola. 1842

Shades and Shadows

Memoria de Girolamo Calvi della quale l'autore lesse un estratto nel terzo Congresso degli Scienziati Tenutosi in Firenze nell' anno 1841.

Reel: 8 & 49, No. 89
Carvalho E Sampaio, Diogo de.

Dissertação sobre as cores primitivas.

Lisboa: Na Regia Officina typografica. 1788


Com hum breve tratado da composição artificial das cores.

Reel: 8 & 49, No. 98
The Cabinet of the arts.

London: [s.n.]. 1804

Art; Drawing

Being a new universal drawing book. Forming a complete system of drawing, painting.

Reel: 8, No. 85
The Cabinet of useful arts.

London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, and Taylor. 1832

Industrial Arts

conducted by the Rev. Dionysus Lardner. A treatise on ... porcelain and glass.

Reel: 8, No. 86
Cahier de Tienture, De chimie, De fleur, Est [i.e. Et] autre recette; commencie le 18 Novembre.

[s.l.: s.n.]. 1799

Dyes and Dyeing; Recipes

Reel: 8, No. 87
La Calle, Nicolas Louis de, 1713-1762.

Leçons élémentaires d'optique.

Paris: Desaint. 1766


par m. l'abbé de La Caille. Nouv. éd., revue, corr. & augm. sur l'exemplaire de l'auteur.

Reel: 8, No. 88
Canals y Marti, Juan Pablo.

Memorias sobre la púrpura de los antiguos, restaurada en España; que de orden de la Real Junta General de Comercio, y Moneda.

Madrid: B. Roman. 1779

Dyes and Dyeing; Purple

Reel: 8, No. 90
Capron, John Rand, b.1829.

Photographed spectra.

London: New York, E. and F.N. Spon. 1877

Spectrum Analysis; Spectrum Solar

136 photographs of metallic, gaseous, and other spectra printed by the permanent autotype process ... and with an extra plate of the solar spectrum ... compared with the air spectrum.

Reel: 8, No. 91
Caraccioli, Louis Antoine de, 1721-1803.

Le livre à la mode.

[Paris: s.n.]. [1759?]


A verte-feuille.

Reel: 8, No. 92
Caraccioli, Louis Antoine de, 1721-1803.

Le livre de quatre couleurs.

[Paris: Duchêne]. [1760?]


Aux quatre-éléments.

Reel: 8, No. 93
Caraccioli, Louis Antoine de, 1721-1803.

Le livre à la mode.

[Paris: s.n.]. [1760?]


Nouv. éd., marquetée, polie & vernissée.
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