Omar A. Rodriguez There are many different ways to reach an audience depending on what you wish to accomplish. The most common way used is advertising, for example billboards, prints, and tv commercials

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Omar A. Rodriguez

There are many different ways to reach an audience depending on what you wish to accomplish. The most common way used is advertising, for example billboards, prints, and tv commercials. Such as the one used by Adidas, wich is called “Jose +10”.

To actually understand this advertisement one has to have an average knowledge of the sport that is soccer and its basic complements for example rules. This is because the name “Jose +10” “tells us someone plus eleven more” of something wich is not yet been defined since we have only been given the name of the advertisement. But when the advertisement starts we can see two kids playing with a soccer ball, then is when the audience may assume the advertisement will have to do with soccer players because in every soccer team there are eleven players on the field and that is why the name uses +10.

There are many ways to determine wether this advertisement is succesful or not. But first we must look at what an advertisement needs to be successful. Wich according to Richard Simmons and his how to write a good advertisement composition you need to “Get attention” “Show people an advantage” “Prove it”and “Persuade People To Grasp This Advantage” . This could be related to much world wide known terms like Ethos, Pathos, and Logos meaning Credibility, Emotion and Logic.

The imagery in this advertisement has very much of Ethos or Credibility, credibility is based on the person talking to us be it a friend or a complete stranger, this ad’s credibility is generated by all the famous soccer players used on the making of this commercial, for example Zidane which is a very famous player from France. The credibility on this advertisement wouldnt have been the same if only kids or random people where playing instead of famous, well know athletes. This is because many people choose to belive someone famous over just another “average joe” who can be found almost anywhere where there’s anyone. Famous characters create an ilusión for the audience that somehow if they use a product wich that famous person is endorcing they will become somehow like them (famous people). This could be related to the Pathos appeal or Emotional appeal .

The way this relates to emotions is because almost every person in the world has an idol wich could be a celebrity an athlete or any other famous person. The way this advertisement appeals to emotion is because the audience which it was mainly intended for was soccer players and Adidas used twenty two famous soccer players to participate in the commercial making the viewer feel excited for watching all these great players together.

It is quite un-clear what the commercial advertises other than the well known sports brand (Adidas) and the saying: “Impossible is Nothing” which is used as a slogan in this advertisement. Therefore we do not have many appeal to Logos which is Logic.

But we can relate the text object to Pathos which as I said before is the appeal to Emotions. This slogan’s emotional appeal is the fact that it says “Impossible is Nothing” implying that, everything is possible, even though it doesn’t really explain how this is true it makes the audience feel like its true and makes them feel like it’s possible for them to accomplish anything they want. What makes this saying more credible (but not necesarily true) is the fact that the Famous brand Adidas is saying it, this being the appeal to Ethos for the text. The text also lacks the appeal to Logos since it really has no logic to why someone would say impossible is nothing when there are clearly many many things that we are unable to do as humans.

This commercial’s goal is like i said before; un-clear since it doesnt show us an especific product or a specific message rather than the slogan, since it didnt really have a purpose we can not determine if the purpose was acheived or probably the main reason for the commercial was to entertain, if this were the case the goal was reached since the advertisement is very entertaining because it uses humor which mostly every person in the world likes.

The Adidas advertisement “Jose +10” could be taken differently dependeing on the person watching it, but what stays mostly the same between viewers is the relation of the advertisement to Ethos since there are mostly famous players in the commercial, the Pathos appeal doesnt differ alot from person to person since feelings dont change much between the members of discourse communities (soccer fans and players). We can also agree that there is really not much logic to this advertisement.

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