Offer a recommended subject Physical Education for the academic year

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Offer a recommended subject Physical Education for the academic year 2014-15

KTS FST ZČU writes in the academic year 2014-2015 the following accredited courses

Enrollment of foreign students in physical education as a lifelong learning

Foreign students can enroll physical education through lifelong learning.

Students can choose from a range of subjects KTS.
Students enrolling at the Secretariat on KTS chosen sport (s) and at the box office UWB pay a fee. Payment can be made by bank transfer: 4811530257/0100 specific symbol 214001 and remittance shall state the name and surname of the student.

Tennis 800 CZK / semester

squash 600 CZK / semester
other sports 400 CZK / semester
All offered items are valued 1 credit.

Students who want to gain one credit have to fulfill these requirements.

Credit requirements

Writing to the physical education, students perform according to their interests, abilities and sports skills. The condition for granting credit is respecting the rules of participation in education in the study of ZČU regulations and guidelines KTS.

  1. Credit is awarded for an active participation in the teaching semester hours of physical education in the chosen sport specialty. The basic premise is regular attendance and active approach to teaching. Irregular attendance and a passive approach to teaching completely exclude the possibility of granting credit and obtaining credits

  2. The student is allowed 2 absences for serious reasons (illness, examination, excursions etc.). Any other absences not exceeding 30% of the total student attendance is obliged to compensate primarily in sports specialization that the student attends at his teacher. Only when any of timetable difficulties can be replaced absence after consultation with teachers in other sports specializations. Absence can be replaced by help with events organized by KTS and exceptionally well in the form of an essay.

  3. The basic rule for replacing the absence of the possibility of one day to complete just one double lesson physical education and as soon as possible - within 3 weeks of absence from teaching.

    The credit week winter and summer semester is not possible replacement of absence!

  4. Students who finish studying or LS and ZS. year 2014/2015 before stores university study schedule, you can apply for early entry credit.

    Schedule all teaching physical education is displayed at KTS and website

    Mgr. Červenka Pavel
    leading KTS ZČU


The course is designed for students who enjoy collective

game. The advantage is quick mastery of basic
skills and rules. Develops here as basic
physical abilities, as well as tactical and
collective thinking


Subject football can enroll students with different individual performance. For recreational players and beginner exercises in terms of mastering basic elements of technique, tactics. One objectives is actively relax from studies on ZČU. for players higher performance are taught through training. From these players is made up of a selection of players who represents ZČU.


is designed Students with an interest in this sports game beginners and advanced, who are interested in the game and good group. Teaching is adapted to the level of students and Includes basic gaming activities, skills, tactics games continuous interpretation of the rules. Emotional play for both sexes. In winter inside, outside in the summer, significantly develops physical fitness. It's never too late to start.


It is designed for female students who want to improve their physical condition. Teaching includes aerobics, strengthening small weights, circuit training and customized special exercises to strengthen all muscle groups and shaping.
Badminton is one of the fastest growing sports.
Very quickly learn the rules and after mastering
foundations striking techniques and tactics in the game get speed and reflexes. Badminton requires
smart and anticipatory players and thanks to the lightweight rocket is still popular among women. Gently shaping the character and during the game great fun.

We recommend write!


The course is divided according to their performance on beginners advanced and professional players. On teaching individual lessons may enroll women and men together.At beginners and recreational players in terms of mastery the basic elements of techniques and tactics and students can participate in basketball competitions in the University. Teaching professional players then takes the form training.

In-line roller skates
block teaching
Lessons are focused on the correct technique for driving
roller skates
Judo with teaching self-defense is designed for students all faculties and years, for beginners and advanced, who want to learn both basic and special
skills, knowledge of this sport and especially ability to solve real dangerous situations in everyday

fitness Training

Fitness Training is focused not only on the individual (man) who build their musculature, but also
other (women) who want to strengthen muscles and improve their figure and condition. We will help you with the creation of individual exercise plan, teach you how strengthen and correctly use the fitness equipment. Finally, you will also learn about proper nutrition and lifestyle.
Gym KTS can also attend outside teaching hour.

KTS gym Bory,

KTS gym Lochotín
Do you like outdoor sports and activities. Do you want to know genuine natural sport, you do not want to sweat only in gym?So just for you at our department ready Orienteering.
Lessons are held from largely in suburban forests around Pilsen, mainly in surroundings Boleveckých ponds and the ravens, but we also use Pilsen maps of some parks. In the months when already not suitable weather for running around the woods and soon darkness

( November-March) is taught partially outdoors and partly gym. This is not just a sport the long running, but rather about make friends with Map for orienteering.

Modern physical forms
Lessons are focused on exercises with music using stretching, aerobics, Pilates and fitness trengthening
is intended for students of higher classes, who are interested the versatile mounting swimming motion habits in several ways swimming. Rising intensity training leads to positive changes body, strengthens and increases the body's health prowess.

Self Defense for Women

The main aim is to obtain a comprehensive overview of knowledge about
self-defense, to learn basic holds at assault and drop technique. Part of the instruction
improving physical fitness
It is intended for beginners and advanced, who are interested in play a good group. Lessons are adapted to the level students and includes basic gaming activities, tactics game
and ongoing interpretation of the rules.

Do you love the adrenaline and entice you height? Do you want to practice not only the entire body, but also the brain? Or do you want learn to fight with fear?

If all this appeals to you, do not hesitate to sign to sport climbing course at KTS.
All the necessary equipment to lend.
We will teach you to follow up on the rope, knotting, protection,communication

Teaching is designed for students who are interested to acquaint with this sports game, basic game activities of individuals and rules.


The content of learning is to learn and practice basic

strikes, various training exercises and game. part of
education the corresponding fitness training.


The lessons are focused on the development of basic game activities of individuals and systems play volleyball. Part of the course is fitness training. As superstructure hosts various tournaments and events concentration as volleyball, and beach volleyball. Students are in the teaching divided into groups according to levels of performance.

Health physical education

The course is intended for health impaired students and students after the accident. Teaching

focuses on purposeful influencing health attenuated organism, from a preventive, compensation and regeneration. Through suitably chosen exercises increases the functional and physical ability to move medically fragile students and gives a water to creating the right lifelong habits that optimize the weakened state of health of the student.
For all those interested, then organized a course

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