Odyssey Analytical Essay: basic outline Template Directions

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Odyssey Analytical Essay: BASIC Outline Template

  • Step 1: Save this to your computer under the name: The Odyssey essay outline

  • Complete the outline by inserting YOUR topics into the sections indicated. You should have at least all of these elements on the outline you submit.

  • Please base this information on your own knowledge of your material and any preliminary research you have done.

Do not worry about paragraphs yet!!
Preliminary title of work: ____________________________________________

** It should not be The Odyssey Essay. It should reflect the content and message of your piece. This is true for all titles.

  1. Intro (just basic info)

    1. TAG

    2. Thesis

  1. Situation/Example: ______________________

  1. Basic explanation of situation

  1. Thesis topic: ___________________________

  1. Thesis topic: ___________________________

        • **Remember to include any DQs that shows this part** (indicate whether evidence or descriptive)

        • If evidence quotation, analysis of why this ties to thesis

Do this for all situations and thesis topics you have based on your thesis!!!

  1. Conclusion (optional) – we’ll do this later

    1. Briefly summarize major points

    2. Explain connection to the larger lesson or meaning of the work

Scoring: You earn full credit for submitting an outline as long as it shows good faith effort AND has the direct quotations where needed.

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