Northeast Florida Health Information Management Association nefhima scholarship Guidelines

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Northeast Florida Health Information Management Association
NEFHIMA Scholarship Guidelines



1. Eligibility

a. Northeast Florida state residents or AHIMA Student Member with FL designated as their state,

enrolled in an in-state or out-of-state HIM program

b. Applicants must have completed 50%

of one of the following:

1. Accredited Health Information

Technology or Health Information

Management Program

2. Graduate program related to HIM in

a college or university accredited

by a nationally recognized

accrediting agency

3. Coding Certificate program

4. AHIMA Coding Basics Interactive

Campus program

c. Applicant must have a cumulative GPA

of 3.0 (out of 4.0)

d. AHIMA/NEFHIMA Student Membership (preferred)

Northeast Florida students from all program levels are eligible for scholarships. Northeast Florida residents attending programs in other states will also be eligible. The scholarship is based on merit and not on financial need.

2. Applications

a. Students will apply directly to the NEFHIMA Scholarship Committee by submitting all required documents to the appropriate address on application.

NEFHIMA Scholarship Committee will review applications and select recipients.

3. Application Process

a. Complete application for NEFHIMA Scholarship

b. One letter of recommendation from

faculty advisor, faculty member or mentor

c. Validation from Program Director that student is in the last year and is expected to graduate

d. Essay – Length will be 300-500 words.

· Essay Topic: “How I Will Use This Degree to Advance the HIM Profession”

e. An official school transcript of grades

indicating cumulative GPA

f. Deadline June 1, 2014 (post mark)

a. To ensure applying students are eligible to receive scholarship and provide demographic information, work history and volunteer activities

b. Individual will be able to elaborate on

student’s academic abilities, history

and professionalism

c. To ensure applying students are

eligible to receive scholarship and will

complete coursework

d. Essay will best reflect the student’s

independent thinking, ideas, goals and

communication skills

e. To ensure cumulative GPA is at least 3.0 (out of 4.0)

f. Deadlines will allow sufficient time for the students and Scholarship Committee to complete their tasks and for students to plan their finances

4. Frequency of Scholarship

a. Scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis.

All students will have an opportunity to receive one scholarship per program.

5. Amount of Scholarship

a. The number of scholarships issued each year and the award amounts will be determined based upon funding


Variable income sources such as vendor gifts, NFHIMA member gifts, interest income, and proceeds from fundraising activities will be used for the scholarships. Availability of these funds will determine yearly scholarship amounts.

6. Selection

a. Selection will be based on submitted

application components and rated on a score sheet with a five (5) point scale based on the following:

1. Scholastic ability

2. Professionalism

3. Work Experience

4. Leadership Experience

5. Potential Contribution to HIM


b. Selections will be made by the Scholarship Committee.

a. Selections will be made as objectively as possible. Applicant’s identifying

information will be removed from all

documents submitted to assure anonymity and objectivity.

b. Committee will perform the screening and evaluation and will have the time needed to complete this task.

7. Scholarship Committee Members*

a. Scholarship Committee Chair

(Delegate Director)

b. NEFHIMA President

c. NEFHIMA President-Elect

d. Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

*Committee members should not be applicants

themselves or employers of the scholarship applicant.

Northeast Florida Health Information Management Association
NOTE: All records of applicants will remain confidential and will be used only for NEFHIMA Scholarship Committee’s review and determination of applicant’s qualifications.
Use Black Ink ONLY

Name (Last) (First) (Middle Initial)

Home Address (Street) (City) (State) (Zip Code)

Daytime Phone

Evening Phone


School Name Expected Graduation Date

Program Enrolled In: Coding RHIT RHIA Graduate/Masters Other

School Address (Street) (City) (State) (Zip Code)

School Advisor Name

Your AHIMA ID Number (if a member)

HISTORY OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: (Attach additional page if necessary, or your current resume. Include HIM and Non-HIM activities-last 3 years)





ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIP: (If applicable-List positions and offices held)



CUMULATIVE GPA: (calculated through the most recent semester)

Current Cumulative GPA: __________

Scheduled Credit Hours for Fall 2014: __________
My signature verifies that the information above, and/or attached, is true and correct:

Applicant Signature___________________________ Date: __________________


RELEASE OF INFORMATION: I hereby authorize release of all information necessary to process this application to the NEFHIMA Scholarship Committee.

Signature of Applicant Date

Northeast Florida Health Information Management Association
Student Verification Form

(Program Director to Complete)

Name of Student Applicant:

Name of College/University:

Name of Program:

Program Director Name:

Program Director Email:

Attn: NAFHIMA Scholarship Committee

I verify that the above-named student is currently enrolled in our program in pursuit of a degree in Health Information Management and meets the following eligibility criteria:

 Applicant has completed 50% of the program.

(Student is responsible for sending Official Transcript)

 Applicant has a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

Program Director Signature:


Student Application Checklist
COMPLETION CHECKLIST (verify all materials have been submitted)

  • Application for MHIMA Scholarship

  • Student Verification from Program Director

  • Official College Transcript (student copies are not acceptable)

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Essay

Applications will be scored based on the following:

  • Scholastic Ability

  • Professionalism

  • Work Experience

  • Leadership Experience

  • Potential Contribution to HIM Profession

APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 1, 2014. All materials must be post marked by this date to the NEFHIMA scholarship Committee. Forward completed application materials to any NEFHIMA Board Member (current Board members and e-mail addresses available at

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