Ninth grade portfolio requirements

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All ninth grade students are required to complete an electronic portfolio. The portfolio is a yearlong project that reflects the student’s academic, organizational and creative abilities. The portfolio is managed and graded by an assigned ninth grade teacher—usually the homeroom teacher. The portfolio will be graded twice during the school year: The first check is on January 23rd and the second check is March 6th.
**Students who do not complete the portfolio requirements by the required due date will run the risk of not receiving an interview for the career technical placement of their choice in the 10th grade year.**

  1. The portfolio is to be placed on a jump/flash drive. This will be turned in for grading purposes and then turned in to their desired career-technical area teacher before their interview. (Note: Students need to have another means to save their work electronically because teachers may keep the jump/flash drive for more than one day.)

  2. The students will have the opportunity to work on the portfolio in Human Relations, homeroom and other academic classes. There are also multiple opportunities to work on the portfolio after school in tutoring and before homeroom on Resource Day.

  3. The students will have the opportunity to use scanners at school to create a file of their work. All of this information should be saved in multiple locations just in case there is an issue with the jump/flash drive.

PORTFOLIO ORDER (must be in this order for full credit):

  1. Table of Contents

  2. Student’s Yearlong Schedule

  3. Cover Letter

  4. Resume

  5. Current Report Card/Interim Report

  6. Three Teacher References

  7. Three Examples of Best Works from: Science, English, Math, Social Studies

  8. Four CPDP’s most closely related to the shop of their choice

  9. Reflection Essay

  10. Awards, Certificates, Honors, etc.


  1. STUDENT’S YEARLONG SCHEDULE—All students are provided with this information at the start of each school year. Students can create a document explaining their schedule or scan in their original.

  2. COVER LETTER—This should be written to the teacher of the shop for which the student is applying. Further instruction will be provided in the student’s English class.

  3. RESUME—This will be written in English or Human Relations using either a Resume Wizard or Career Cruising. Further instruction and remediation will be provided in either of the two classes.

  4. CURRENT REPORT CARD/INTERIM—It is the student’s responsibility to save these documents and scan them for their portfolio.

  5. TEACHER REFERENCES—Three references are required. A copy of the teacher reference sheet can be obtained from the POLYTECH website. From here, click the following links: About Us, Academies, Educational Foundations, Portfolio. From here, there are several documents the student can print including the teacher reference page.

  6. BEST WORKS—These can be any work samples that the student feels best exemplifies his/her effort in each of the four academic classes.

  7. CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLANS (CPDP)—The student needs to choose four CPDP’s that most closely relate to the shop of their choice.

  8. REFLECTION ESSAY—This essay should address academic and social growth made since the beginning of the school year. It must focus on what students have learned here at POLYTECH. The essay needs to be typed in a Word Document and scanned in, at least three paragraphs long and in size twelve font.

  9. AWARDS—Any awards received during their freshmen year, through extracurricular events or in their eighth grade school year can be included.



All freshmen who complete the portfolio by the scheduled due dates will participate in an interview for placement in a vocational shop. First round interviews will begin after spring break.

Any student who does not complete their portfolio will be ineligible for a first round interview and may jeopardize their chance of being accepted into a career-technical area for their tenth grade year.
In order to be eligible for a first round interview for their career-technical area, the student must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. They must have completed their portfolio and have received a passing grade.

  2. May not have failed or currently be failing more than one course.

  3. May not have violated the attendance policy during either semester (No more than 5 unexcused absences.)

  4. May not have received 50 or more demerits during the school year.

**Students who violate one or more of the above stated conditions will be scheduled for second round interviews after all other first round students are placed in career-technical areas.**

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POLYTECH High School Ninth Grade Portfolio

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