Nehru Arts and Science College T. M. palayam, Coimbatore Department of English

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Nehru Arts and Science College

T.M. palayam, Coimbatore

Department of English

MA English Question Bank

English Language II

Semester II

Short Questions

1. Different branches of linguistics?

2. Fricative sounds in English language

3. Respiratory organs

4. Pharynx and Larynx

5. Diphthongs

Transcript the following dialogue

6. I need a couple of shirts. Grey terylene, please.

Certainly, sir. I’ll just get some out. Would you mind taking a seat for a minute. I shan’t be long. No, don’t be too long. I haven’t very much time.

Very good, sir. Here’s a nice shirt; we sell a lot of this one.

Do you, now? Yes, it’s the sort of style I want, but I asked for grey. This is purple.

  1. What is phonetics and phonology?

  2. Explain RP table.

  3. Word accent in English

  4. Intonation with examples

  5. Assimilation and Elision

  6. Syllable

  7. Plosives in English

  8. Fricatives in English

  9. All things bright and beautiful. All things wise and wonderful. All things great sand small. The Lord God made them all. The three great composers of South Indian Classical music were born in the same little village. Isn’t it a strange coincidence? (Give phonetic transcription of the text)

  10. Describe the procedure of extensive reading.?

  11. 27. What suggestions can you recommend for selection of books for supplementary reading?

  12. .Mention any three funcations of audio-visual aids.

  13. Describe briefly any two audio aids in the field of education.

  14. Clarify the use of graph and chart in brief.

  15. Discuss in brief the use of television as an audio visual aid.

  16. Mention the chief characteristics of audio visual aids.

  17. what is called audio aids /

  18. Write the name of any two audio aids?

  19. How many kinds of projectors are there?

Essay Questions

1. Briefly narrate English consonants

2. Write an essay on classification of vowel sounds with diagrams

3. Explain briefly the organs of speech

4. Explain the significance of phonology in English language with examples

5. What is language - Explain

6. Explain in detail the different systems in speech mechanism

7. Explain phonology, phoneme and allophone with examples

8. Classification and description of vowels

9. The concepts of General Indian English

10. Make a detailed lesson plan on teaching of adverb.

  1. What do you understand by reading ? Elaborate with the views of scholars and great people .also mention the objectives of reading.

  2. Discuss loud reading in detail with special emphasis on its procedure, advantages and disadvantages.

  3. What is silent reading ? Discuss it process advantages and disadvantages.

  4. Which tools should be available in an ideal language laboratory?

  5. How should a language laboratory be organized?

Nehru Arts and Science College

T.M. palayam, Coimbatore

Department of English

MA English Question Bank



Short Essay

  1. Explain the classical mythologies?

  2. Give a brief essay about Myth legends?

  3. Explain Grammar of Narration?

  4. Essay on Narratology?

  5. What is negative capability of Writers?

  6. Difference between Neo classics and Romantics?

  7. Significance of Neo criticism?

  8. Briefly on New Historicism?

  9. Explain cultural materialism?

  10. What is picaresque narrative?

  11. What is the novel of incidents?

  12. What is exploratory novels?

  13. Social novel and proletarian novel?

  14. Briefly on documentary fiction?

  15. What is objective poem and subjective poem?

  16. Objective correlative?

  17. Explain Omnomatopoeia?

  18. Write on Paradox?

  19. What is pathetic fallacy?

  20. Performance poetry?

  21. Explain periods of English literature?

  22. Explain age of sensibility?

  23. Write on Romantic restoration?

  24. Edwardian and Gerogerian period?

  25. Persona, tone and Voice?

Essay Question

  1. Explain phenomenological criticism?

  2. What is platonic love?

  3. Write briefly on poetic diction?

  4. Explain poetic justice and license?

  5. Explain post colonial studies?

  6. Write briefly on post structuralism?

  7. Who are pre Raphalites?

  8. Explain primitivism and progress?

  9. What is psycho analytical criticism?

  10. Queer Theory and its impact?

  11. Explain reader response theory?

  12. The difference between realism and naturalism?

  13. What is reception theory?

  14. Rhetorical criticism?

  15. What is satire? Explain

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