Mythology Projects

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Mythology Projects

You will do two (2) projects this quarter. From the list below, select the project that most suits your interests. Your two project selections can not be from the same section.

Project #1 is due on_______________ Project #2 is due on _____________

A. Composition

  1. What could be easier than fighting the many-headed Hydra, stealing the Golden Fleece from a fire-breathing dragon, escaping from a labyrinth or flying with wings of wax and feathers? Demonstrate how easy it is by writing "How To" compositions based on at least two of these tasks. Each composition will consist of a step by step guide including : Background knowledge of the monster (describe the monster) Materials needed, and how other heroes have accomplished this task in a step by step format.

  2. Use your knowledge of the myths as a foundation for writing character sketches. What were Hera, Pan, Athena and the other gods and goddesses really like? You will be able to disclose to the world the truth about these characters in the sketches you write. Take the “facts” that we know and expound on them. Include sections on their family, their loves, physical appearance, special traits etc. Put a * by any that you are “making up” but still fit in the idea of the god. I am looking for true facts and your “made up” facts. Ideas: Do as an expose’, a tabloid newspaper, etc.

  3. Use the myths as a basis for writing an opinion essay. Should mortals be allowed on Mt. Olympus? This notable topic was never settled in Ancient Greece. It is up to you to resolve the issue by developing persuasive argumentative essays. Other topics to consider: why (or why not) were the Labors of Hercules sufficient to absolve him of the crime of killing his children? Should Theseus be considered a hero? If you were the judge, what punishment would you have administered to Tantalus for stealing the nectar of the gods? This is a formal essay with a thesis and topic sentences. This should run at least two pages. Make sure to bring in real facts from myth as a basis of your opinion.

  4. Read a novel that has rich mythological references. As you read keep a journal on these references and explain the relation to Greek and Roman mythology.

  5. Read The Lightning Thief by Rick Rirdon and answer the questions at the back of the book. This is a middle school level novel with tons of Myth references!

B. Letter Writing

  1. Your favorite mythological character has just retired. Zeus, the father of the gods, is now accepting applications for a replacement. Write a letter of application and a brief resume or biographical sketch. You can apply, or you can write the application and resume for someone else. (not sure what each of these part are? See me) The letter of application will follow a proper letter format highlighting your characters achievements and why they are interested in the job. The resume must list real accomplishments of your character, any past training, personality traits or family ties that would land them the job.

  1. In the role of your favorite hero or heroine, you will be leading an expedition on a dangerous journey (e.g., Jason questing after the Golden Fleece, Perseus seeking Medusa's head or Theseus attempting to defeat the Minotaur). Before you can go, you must order the necessary supplies. Make up your own order sheet for the materials and on a separate letter explain why the item is needed. Make sure to include the WHY and HOW the item will be used. Have factual things needed, and feel free to add other things you think would aid in the task. Make sure to include payment! Letters can be addressed to Heroic Discount Supplies, 744 Olympian Way, Athens, Greece. Include all forms and payment in an envelope.

  1. Every aspiring hero or heroine needs to receive the proper instruction and training. Fortunately, there are a few openings in the most distinguished university in ancient Greece. In order for you to secure a space, you should write for an application, a catalog and financial aid information. You need to convince the university that you are going to be a good candidate. Write an application essay answering the question, “What qualifies you to be a candidate as a student as the University of the Muses. Requests can be sent to: University of the Muses, 300 Aphrodite Way, Laconia, Greece. Remember you will not be considered unless your application essay includes specific information!

  2. As the best friend of a mythological character, write a letter offering support, encouragement or guidance. For example, write to Orpheus after failing to bring back Eurydice from Hades (sympathy and advice), Polyphemus after being tricked by Odysseus (compassion and concern), Ariadne after being jilted by Jason (commiseration). Make specific references to the events that cased them to need your support. Also give them advice on who or what to see to help them through this hard time.

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