Mrs. Worthy’s health education pacing plan units that need to be covered in Health

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Mrs. Worthy’s

Units that need to be covered in Health:

  • 1. Introduction to Health~Mental/Emotional/Social
  • 2. Personal & Community Health
  • 3. Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • 4. Injury Prevention & Safety
  • 5. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
  • 6. Growth, Development & Sexual Health

Units and Activities

  • I start the unit with Class Procedures and Guidelines:
  • I explain to set up the interactive notebook
  • Rules, Expectations and Guidelines
  • Parent Letter
  • Standards, Rubric & Grading
  • Daily Journal Guidelines

1. Intro to Health/Wellness

  • Cover Page
  • Vocabulary
  • Activity: Getting to know you
  • Activity: Give yourself a hand
  • Activity: Airing your dirty laundry
  • Health Triangle
  • My Self Assessment and Essay
  • My Personal Health Triangle
  • Goals Map
  • Mental/Emotional Foldable
  • Song Activity
  • Notes: What Influences your health
  • Activity: What Influences your health puzzle
  • Sleep smarts and Quiz
  • Lesson One Quiz
  • Self Injury and Suicide Notes
  • Teen Stories on Cutting, etc.
  • Notes and Video: Bullying
  • Videos: Bullied, Rudy, Blindside, Brain Pop, YouTube Elephant and Dog Story, Freedom Writers, Speak, If you really new me MTV, Stress and Anxiety Video, Reality Matters Cruel School, Bronx Tale, Drama Queens & Tough Guys, Trevor Project (suicide), Scenarios USA

2. Personal & Community Health

  • Cover Page
  • Vocabulary
  • Teeth, Mouth, Eye and Ear Diagrams
  • Hygiene Project
  • Teens and tanning questions with video
  • The Ear and the Eye Worksheets and Foldables
  • Lice Book
  • Videos: Sonrisa..Dental Hygiene, Teens and Tanning, Personal Hygiene Video, Circulatory and Respiratory Systems, Body Systems Videos, The Flu Video, Osmosis Jones, The Sneeze

3. Nutrition & Physical Activity

  • Cover Page
  • Vocabulary
  • The Food Guide Pyramid
  • Color My Pyramid
  • Nutrition Foldable
  • Power point on Food Groups
  • Exercise your options
  • How sweet it is Lab…
  • Eating Disorder Notes
  • Eat Well, Be Active
  • Coke vs. Water
  • Digestion Coloring Page
  • Grocery Store-Ads Foldable
  • Nutrition Facts Projects
  • Fast Food Analysis
  • Energy Drinks Powerpoint
  • Videos: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Supersize Me, Obesity in a bottle, Exercise your options, the new food pyramid, Salina Video, BV Eating Disorders, Digestion Video, Metabolism , Heart Attack, Portion Distortion, Do you have an Eating Disorder, Bodies Talk: Bodies & Eating Disorders, Buzz in a Bottle
  • Brain pop
  • You Tube

4. Injury Prevention & Safety

  • Videos:
  • Burn Prevention Tips
  • Brain Pop: CPR, First Aid
  • Think Before You Click –Online Safety
  • Be Careful When U Text

5. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

  • Title Page and Vocabulary
  • Tobacco Notes
  • Project Alert
  • Tobacco Letter
  • Tobacco Controversial Issues
  • Dear Abbey Letter
  • Circle of Friends
  • DUI Story and Activity
  • Walk the line
  • Alcohol and your body worksheet- reaching out now guide
  • Alcohol and your brain worksheet- reaching out now teaching guide
  • My mom poem
  • Test your drug IQ
  • Meth Poem
  • Foldable on Stimulants, Depressants, Amphet.
  • Poster Project on Drugs
  • Drug Chart
  • Videos/Movies: HBO Smoke Alarm, Down will come baby, Channel 3 news video (old), Video MTV-smoking, project alert videos, Kevin Tunnel Story, Every 15 minutes, Oprah-Chantell, and Chantell 6 months later, Intervention Christy, The Worlds Most Dangerous Drug, Dangerous Decisions, Marijuana Exposed, Smoking Kills No and ifs and Butts, Tobacco and Death, Up in Smoke, Gateway Drugs, Ecstasy above the influence website
  • Brain Pop
  • Above the Influence
  • Don’t Think
  • NIDA

6. Growth Development & Sexuality

  •  Ground Rules
  • Individual Growth and Development Title Page and Vocabulary
  • Body Changes During Adolescence worksheet
  • Male and Female Reproductive Systems- Notes
  • Male and Female Reproductive Systems (drawing, worksheets)
  • Birth of A baby and Development of a baby
  • Ovulation Calendar
  • Contraception
  • Stages of Pregnancy
  • 10 good reasons NOT to be a teenage parent
  • Read Where Willy Went Book
  • Sexual Pressure Flyer
  • When No means No Flyer
  • Latex Condoms Instructions
  • 50 things you need to know about STDs
  • STD/HIV Notes
  • Female Heath Concerns
  • Male Health Concerns
  • Examine Yourself
  • Who is who?
  • Parent Interview
  • HIV Transmission Game
  • Book-Sex Education Activities
  • Videos: Puberty, Conception to Birth, Inside the Womb, 16 and Pregnant, HIV Joey-HBO, MTV STD’s , Journey to Life, Thinking about Abstinence, Understanding HIV & Aids, HIV and STI Education, Just for Girls, Just for Boys, SOY…. (LAUSD Video)
  • Inside the Living Body
  • Brain Pop
  • Order of lessons:
  • Abstinence
  • Puberty
  • Male and Female Anatomy
  • Periods/Tampons
  • Ovulation
  • Pregnancy/Childbirth
  • Contraception
  • STD’s
  • Hiv and Aids

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