Mrs. Nandini Sood “Sound mind is in a sound body”

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Teacher’s Views

Our system of education suffers from many defects. The greatest defect in our present system of education is that it is too theoretical. An educated man has only bookish knowledge. He knows nothing about practical things. As the things stand today, this system has become a riddle. No one knows what exactly it is. The students feel burdened with their dry school schedule. Computers and Television take most of their time. They do not even spend some time towards health. A look at the school bag of any student can tell the miserable state of these tiny souls. The syllabi are so large and the numbers of subjects to be studied are so many that students remain bewildered all the year round. Normally the students are physically present in the class but mentally they are not. The remedy clearly lies in removing these defects.
To create interest of students in studies. We have introduced Educomp i.e. education through audio visual aids. The students take keen interest even in these subjects which they find boring and difficult. They get practical knowledge of all the subjects.

Mrs. Nandini Sood

Sound mind is in a sound body”, it is an old saying yet its practicability is more relevant in the present scenario. Affluence have made the students to look towards those things for pleasure, which is not required of their age, Nuclear family have added to the woes of the students. Generally, they have become addict to Computers, Television. They do not use it to develop their skills or stretch their knowledge horizon but other unethical things. In several cases they lean towards drugs for momentary pleasure,

Developing interest in Sports is the only remedy to wean away the students from these social evils. In these Institutions special emphasis is laid on the development of sports. Effort is made to involve each and every student in it. Second stress is on discipline. We have C.C.T.V. Cameras in every room to curve indiscipline. Periodical charges are carried out in the Market, Cinema Halls and Malls to check truancy among the students. Emphasis is also laid on Yoga. Even there are many career options in Sports too.

Mrs. Harjit Kaur Kalia

Education is instrument of social change new social change creates new demands that should be fulfilled by the education. It mean Education, social change and social demands are co-related.
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