Module 3 01: Everyone responds to stress in different ways. Complete and submit Exam 01, Stress a fact of Life. 02A

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Module 3
3.01: Everyone responds to stress in different ways. Complete and submit Exam 3.01, Stress - A Fact of Life.
3.02A: This is just something fun for you to work on. Be sure to follow the steps carefully and respond to each of the questions listed. Remember that there are 3 parts to this lesson. Be sure to complete all 3 parts for full credit.
3.02B: Go to the discussion area of the course. Describe a stressful situation and talk about how you handled it. Make sure you reply to 2 other students. Don’t forget to submit the assignment for grading when you are finished. You should include the date your discussion was posted and the names of the 2 students to whom you responded.
3.03: You should try 1 technique from each category (one from relaxation, one from physical, and one from multi-media). Then, write your essay about the 3 techniques you chose, explaining which one worked best for you and why.
Once you have completed your trial of each technique, you should be write a 5-paragraph essay about your experiences. Each paragraph should be a minimum of 3 sentences. You should use the following format:

Paragraph 1 - explain the purpose of the essay

Paragraph 2 - tell me about your experience with the breathing technique

Paragraph 3 - tell me about your experience with the exercise technique

Paragraph 4 - tell me about your experience with the multi-media technique

Paragraph 5 - tell me which technique you thought worked best for you and why.

3.04: For this assignment I want you to really be honest! Think of a long-term goal you have (maybe what profession you want to go in, or maybe what college you want to attend). Be sure you know the difference between a long-term goal and a short-term goal!! Read about each of the 8 steps and tell me how you're going to use EACH step to achieve the goal you name. BE SPECIFIC in your responses!!
3.05: 3.05 is a REPEAT of the exercises you performed in the 1.04 Health Related Fitness Assessment. Once you complete these exercises you will submit your completed chart found in Module 3.05. Be sure to include the following: the scores and goals from 1.04, the scores from this attempt, and the goals (or scores) you hope to get when you do this assignment a third time in Module 8 at the end of the course. Carefully look at the questions at the bottom of Module 3.05. (These questions are NOT found on the chart from lesson 1.04. You will need to open the new chart in lesson 3.05). Be sure to include the answers to these questions. Please be specific in your answers.
3.06: Teen Center Checkout - Here you should be submitting your final flexibility log. You must complete a minimum of 3 days of activity for full credit.
This log must be signed by a parent, and FAXED or SCANNED/TAKEN A PICTURE and uploaded to the assessment. Make sure your name is legible, that you date each day of activity, and include the sets/reps you completed. You can find an example of how to complete this log in 1.09.

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