Module 1 Workshop 2

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Module 1

  • Workshop 2


  • The conception of self (1453) 1492
  • Identity
  • Authenticity
  • Authority
  • Coloniality
  • Empire
  • Maps
  • Modernism (post-racial)
  • Equalities
  • The construction of schooling
  • Breaking
    • Missionaries
    • Militaries
    • Warfare (hostages)
  • Making
    • Professional training
    • Labour/employment (economy)
    • Law, Finance, Money
  • The production of knowledge
  • Anti-intellectualism
  • The academy
  • Communicating
  • Language
  • Mapping
  • Theories of Self
  • Place, Space, Being
  • Mending the World ...

How we want to be with each other

  • 10% of what we read
  • 20% of what we hear
  • 30% of what we see
  • 50% of what we see and hear
  • 70% of what we discuss
  • 80% of what we experience
  • 95% of what we teach others...

Previous Priorities

  • 1 Listen to Guy Giard’s “Interaction Theories” Workshop & create a cognitive map for it
  • 2 Enquire as to the specifics of your birth
  • 3 Check out this prank 1:30-3:30
  • 4 Read as much of this piece on Pedagogy (LINK:
  • 5 learn or read up on how score A Boxing Match
  • 6 Listen to selected chapters from “For Giving” Genevieve Vaughan
  • 1 Read chapter IV of “Towards the Destruction of schooling”
  • 2 Record a racist joke ready to bring and share with the group
  • 3 Listen to selected chapters from Disciplined Minds, Jeff Schmidt,
  • 4 Check out this token nonwhite lady, writing on pedagogy, who has been included for the sake of gender balance Link:
  • 5 Bring in a poster or promotional material showcasing ‘anti-blackness’
  • 1 Read the introduction of Huey Newton’s PHD
  • 2 Read a review of Linda Smith’s book on Decolonising Methodologies
  • 2 Read sections 44-48 of Dubois’ “My Evolving Program for Negro Freedom”
  • 4 Watch The “Not Out of Africa” debate ft Henrik Clarke
  • 5 Listen to selected chapters from The Ascent of Humanity, Charles Eisenstein

Teaching as a conserving activity

  • Bughatti
  • Credibility
  • 10 year time line
  • Quotes
  • Boxing Knockout
  • Frank Mir
  • Bow
  • Bullet
  • Mind
  • Annoyance
  • Giard / Wynter Mapping

Ending the World

Jerome’s Niece


  • Lil Wayne: “I wish I could fuck every girl in the world” (Every Girl)
  • Future: “Tell me, what you think we hustle for? I just wanna buy the world, Do the impossible Sing it with me now, na na na, What you think we out here working' for? I just wanna buy the world Do the impossible
  • Lil Wayne: “I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes/ Hate in my heart, love in my mind I seen nights full of pain, days of the same/ You keep the sunshine, save me the rain I search but never find, hurt but never cry/ I work and forever try, but I'm cursed so never mind/ And it's worse but better times seem further and beyond The top gets higher, the more that I climb/ The spot gets smaller and I get bigger Tryna get into where I fit in, no room for a nigga/ But soon for a nigga it be on motherfucker/ 'Cause all this bullshit, it made me strong motherfucker
  • Dinah Washington: “This bitter earth, Well, What a fruit it bears/ What good is love, That no one shares/ And if my life, is like the dust / That hides the glow of a rose, What good am I Heaven only knows/ No, this bitter Earth Yes, can be so cold/ Today you're young, Too soon you're old/But while a voice, Within me cries/ I'm sure someone, may answer my call/ And this bitter earth, May not be ohhhh, so bitter after all
  • Kool G Rap: “It seems like only yesterday, my moms was on my back "Get your butt up out the sack and find a job or hit the road Jack" Black, I don't disown her, I'm just a kid from Corona With a G.E.D. diploma, with more ribs showin' than Tony Roma's In order to get straight, I gots ta to make a muscle Learned to hustle and bustle and I gave the streets a tussle Standin' down on the corner slangin' fat rocks to bottles With the black tops, for cops got my shorty watchin' my back Hobbes Makin' mad lucci, bought up Louis Vuitton & gucci Hoochies callin' me boochi, while they smooch me, givin' up the coochie


  • Kurtis Blow: “My first day in office, the King on the throne/ I spent my first three hours on the telephone You know with newsmen reporters, and votes too/I had so many calls, I didn't know what to do You know out that office I continued to work/I signed so many papers, my fingers started to hurt Then I shook off the pain, say this ain't no thing/ there's nothing in the world like being #1 king!
  • Nas: “Life, I wonder, Will it take me under, I don't know / Imagine smoking weed in the streets without cops harassin' Imagine going to court with no trial / Lifestyle cruising blue behind my waters
  • No welfare supporters, more conscious of the way we raise our daughters
  • Tupac: “Now if I choose to ride, thuggin' till the day I die/They don't give a fuck about us  While I'm kickin rhymes, getting to their children's minds /Now they give a fuck about us  They wanna see us die, they kick us every time we try /They don't give a fuck about us  So while I'm getting high, I'm watching as the world goes by /Cause they don't give a fuck about us
  • Tupac: “The world, the world is behind us/Once a motherfucker get an understanding on the game and what the levels and the rules of the game is/ Then the world ain't no trick no more The world is a game to be played / So now we lookin at the world, from like, behind us Niggaz know what we gotta do, just gotta put our mind to it and do it / It's all about the papers, money rule the world/ Bitches make the world go round Real niggaz do what they wanna do, bitch niggaz do what they can Starin at the world through my rearview / Go on baby scream to God, he can't hear you I can feel your heart beatin fast cause it's time to die / Gettin high, watchin time fly, ya know
  • Rakim: "You got ambition?" Shorty said, "Man listen/ I got demands for livin, can't stand division
  • Make grands on my mission, till everything glisten/ Women in the Expedition, no plans for prison
  • In a vision the city get, 2 milleni G/Sittin in my embassy sippin Hennesy / Gettin high, and watch life pass me by“
  • So I asked him why, wit a fast reply He said "I'm livin just to die without any feelings
  • So I wait here for my Maker till it's time to go Wit this dime I know/
  • Wit all of her girls and all of my mens / Waitin for the world to end“
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