Mile Gréta: Essay on cultural differences

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Mile Gréta: Essay on cultural differences
This programme was a great experience for me. I’ve met lot of kind and interesting pupils how came from all around Europe. I got a chance to learn more about their cultures and religions, and I’ve realized that we all had something in common. We’ve all wanted to learn; about the different traditions, values, languages. We’ve all joined this programme to get to know each other and to explore new things. I will never regret joining this project, because it gave me friendships, adventures and memories.

There were some cultural differences but we all tried to except and learn from each other. I’ve became friends with two Turkish girls, so they told me about their families, their daily routines and hobbies. Although we don’t live in the same country, we are all teenagers. We all like to hang out with our friends, play instruments or do sports. This project was about learning, exploring, traveling and being open minded. Before the students arrived at Budapest, I was afraid that I wouldn’t find anyone who I have something in common with. I was afraid that my language skills aren’t good enough to talk to these students. But when I finally talked to them, I realized that they were also just kids with the same fears as me. This project didn’t just teached me about the different European values, but it also teached me to be more independent and to respect the other European cultures because they are not much different than ours. We showed them our churches, sights, statues and they told us about theirs. We all improved our language skills and our ability to communicate and work with people we have just met. This was a valuable and unforgettable experience and I’m glad that I could take a part of it, and met with all those amazing students.

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