Michael W. Clune (Updated December 2012)

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Michael W. Clune

(Updated December 2012)
Department of English

Case Western Reserve University

318 Guilford Hall

11112 Bellflower Rd

Cleveland, OH 44106


Assistant Professor, Department of English, Case Western Reserve University (2010-present)
Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of South Florida (2007-2010)
Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of English, University of Michigan


Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, English and American Literature, May 2006

M.A. Johns Hopkins University, English and American Literature, May 2001

B.A. Oberlin College, with Highest Honors in English, May 1998


Writing Against Time. (Stanford University Press, 2013).
American Literature and the Free Market 1945-2000, Cambridge Studies in American Literature and Culture (Cambridge University Press, 2010; paperback, 2013).

(Reviews published or forthcoming in: American Literature; Contemporary Literature (review essay); Modern Fiction Studies; Modern Philology; Journal of American Studies; Twentieth Century Literature (review essay); Criticism; Electronic Book Review; Research in the History of Economic Thought; Lana Turner Journal; Journal of American, British, and Canadian Studies, and elsewhere).

Creative Nonfiction
Gamelife. (Under Review).
White Out: The Secret Life of Heroin. (Hazelden/Perseus, April 2013.)
The Water Gun. (In Progress).
“Beyond Realism,” Capitalist Realism, ed. Allison Shonkweiler and Leigh Claire La Berge, University of Iowa Press (forthcoming, 2014).
“Spoken Word, Hip-Hop, Rap,” The Cambridge Companion to American Poetry Since 1945, Ed. Jennifer Ashton, (Cambridge University Press, 2013).
“Anti-Capitalism for Humanists” (Commentary), Nonsite 6, Fall 2012.
“Orwell and the Obvious,” Representations 107 (Summer 2009): 30-55.
“‘Whatever Charms is Alien’: John Ashbery’s Everything,” Criticism 50.3 (Summer 2008): 447-469.
“Cue Fascination: A New Vulnerability in Addiction” (Commentary), co-authored with John Sarneki and Rebecca Traynor, Behavioral and Brain Sciences 31.4 (August 2008): 458-459.
“The Poem at the End of Theory,” NO: A Journal of the Arts, 4 (January 2006); reprinted in The Consequence of Innovation: Twenty-First Century Poetics ed. Craig Dworkin, 242-255. (Roof Books, 2008).
“‘Everything We Want’: Frank O’Hara and the Aesthetics of Free Choice,” PMLA, Special Topic: “On Poetry,” 120.1 (January 2005): 181-196.
“Blood Money: Sovereignty and Exchange in Kathy Acker,” Contemporary Literature, 45.3 (Fall 2004): 486-515.
“Strong Opinions,” Twentieth Century Literature 58.1 (Spring, 2012).
“Learning to Love Postwar Fiction,” Contemporary Literature 51.4 (Winter, 2010): 852-866.
“Theory of Prose,” NO: A Journal of the Arts 6 (January, 2008): 48-62.
Aidan Wasley, The Age of Auden (Princeton, 2011), Modernism/Modernity 19.1 (Winter, 2012).
Daniel Tiffany, Infidel Poetics (Chicago, 2009), Criticism 54:1 (Winter, 2012).
Oren Izenberg, Being Numerous (Princeton, 2011), Nonsite 2, (Fall, 2011).
Mark Silverberg, The New York School Poets and the Neo-Avant Garde (Ashgate, 2010), Modernism/Modernity 17.4 (November, 2010).


“Bernhard Versus the Avant-Garde,” (Invited Presentation), Emory University, March 2013.

“The Addictive Image,” Modern Language Association Conference, Boston, January 2013.
“Gamelife,” (Invited Presentation), CUNY Graduate Center, September 2012.
“Suspended,” National Poetry Foundation Conference, Oorno, Maine, June 2012.
“Imaginary Music,” (Invited Presentation), University of Illinois-Chicago, March 2012.
“Proust’s Fountain of Youth,” International Society for the Study of Narrative Conference, Las Vegas NV, March 2012.
“Symbol to Sound,” Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900, Louisville, Febuary 2012
“Literature and Addiction,” (Invited Presentation), Northern Ohio Clinical Social Work Society, Cleveland, Febuary 2012.
“Empathy as Means,” Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present Conference, Carnegie Mellon University, October 2011.
“Imaginary Music,” English Department Colloquium, Case Western Reserve University, October, 2011.
“From Representation to Creation,” Post45 Conference, (Invited Presentation), Cleveland, April 2011.
Lolita’s Novelty,” Modern Language Association Conference, Los Angeles, January 2011.
“Buddhist Modernism,” Modern Language Association Conference, Philadelphia, December 2009.
“Theory as Style,” Post45 Conference, (Invited Presentation), University of Missouri, November 2009.
“Art Against Life in Willa Cather,” American Literature Association Conference, Boston, May 2009.
“Ashbery’s Line,” National Poetry Foundation Conference, Oorno, Maine, June 2008.
“Seeing Things in Gwendolyn Brooks,” Modern Language Association Conference, Chicago, December 2007.
“Metaphor and Time,” Modernist Studies Association Conference, Long Beach, November 2007.


Case Western Reserve University

ENGL 373 “American Poetry,” Fall 2012.

ENGL 372 “Dark Comedy,” Spring 2012

ENGL 387 “Literary Criticism,” Spring 2012

ENGL 373 “Twentieth Century Poetry,” Fall 2011

FSSY 139 “SAGES First Year Seminar: Immortality,” Fall 2011

ENGL 360 “Science Fiction,” Spring 2011, Spring 2013

ENGL 517 “The City in Postwar American Writing,” Spring 2011

ENGL 376 “Forms of Life,” Fall 2010, Spring 2013

ENGL 308 “American Literature,” Fall 2010


2011 Nominated for Wittke Award for Excellence in Teaching

2008 University of South Florida Humanities Institute Summer Grant

2004-2005 Andrew W. Mellon Humanities Graduate Fellowship

2003-2004 Lawrence B. Holland Fellowship in American Studies

1998-2002 Johns Hopkins University Fellowships

1998 Highest Honors in English, Oberlin College


“Forms of Life,” was chosen as one of the 20 best college courses in the nation by The Daily Beast, September 7, 2010.


Book Review Editor, Contemporary Literature, 2012-

Referee: PMLA, Criticism, Contemporary Literature, American Literary History, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Yale University Press.

Curator, “Poetics Working Group,” 2012-

Curator, “Humanities Works-in-Progress Group,” 2007-2009.

Curator, “Mellon Seminar in Poetry and Poetics,” 2000-2001.

Michael Parker (director, 2012-)

Catherine Forsa (committee member, 2012-)

Monica Orlando (committee member, 2012-)

Miriam Goldman (director, 2012-)

Catherine Dunning (committee member, 2012-)

Jason Carney (committee member, 2011-)

Wells Addington (committee member, 2011-)

Danny Anderson (committee member, 2010-2012)

James Ricci (committee member, 2009-)
Baker Nord Humanities Center Steering Committee (2012-)

English Department Executive Committee (2012-)

English Department Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee (2012-)

College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Committee (2011-) Chair (2012-)

English Department Search Committee, Renaissance Literature (2012-13)

English Department Graduate Committee (2010-)


Professor Walter Benn Michaels: Department of English, University of Illinois-Chicago

Professor Daniel Tiffany: Department of English, University of Southern California

Professor Amy Hungerford: Department of English, Yale University

Professor Kerry Larson: Department of English, University of Michigan

Professor Sharon Cameron: Department of English, Johns Hopkins University

Professor Michael Fried: Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins University

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