Mdaw 2011 India File Week 3 Warriors

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MDAW 2011 India File

Week 3 Warriors

India CP/DA: Index

India CP/DA: Index 1

__________________________________________________ 3

**Topshelf** 3

India CP 1NC 3

India CP 2NC Overview 4

__________________________________________________ 5

**Solvency** 5

India Solvency: Generic (1/3) 5

India Solvency: Manned Missions 8

India Solvency: Mars 9

India Solvency: Moon Base 10

India Solvency: Remote Sensing 11

India Solvency: Reusable Launch Vehicle 12

India Solvency: Satellites 13

India Solvency: Space Weaponization 14

India Solvency: Solar Powered Satellites (1/2) 15

__________________________________________________ 18

**Soft Power Net Benefit** 18

India Soft Power: 1NC Link Shell 18

India Soft Power: Iran Rapproachment 1NC Impact Module (1/4) 19

India Soft Power: Indonesia 1NC Impact Module (1/2) 24

India Soft Power: Soft Power High 26

India Soft Power: Tech Solves Soft Power 27

India Soft Power: Space Solves Soft Power (1/3) 28

India Soft Power: China Impact 31

India Soft Power: Nonviolence Impact 32

India Soft Power: Impact Outweighs Heg 33

India Soft Power: A2 “Indian Soft Power Trades Off with Chinese Soft Power” 34

India Soft Power: A2 “No Potential for Indian Soft Power” 35

India Soft Power: A2 “States Will Oppose Indian Soft Power” 36

**India Soft Power Iran Extensions** 37

Iran: Impact Overview 2NC 37

Iran: Central Asia Impact 2NC 38

Iran: Democracy Impact 2NC 39

Iran: Iran Stabiltiy Impact 2NC 40

Iran: Iraq Impact 2NC 41

Iran: Peace Process 2NC 42

Iran: Syria War 2NC 43

Iran: A2 “India Not Key” (1/2) 44

Iran: A2 “Military Conspiracy” 46

Iran: A2 “No Miscalc” 47

Iran: A2 “War Risk Low” (1/3) 48

**India Soft Power Indonesia Extensions** 51

Indonesia: Impact Overview 2NC 51

Indonesia: Asia Stabiltiy 2NC 52

Indonesia: Burma Impact 2NC 53

Indonesia: Mideast Democracy 2NC (1/2) 54

Indonesia: Naval Mobility 2NC 56

Indonesia: Straits Impact 2NC 57

Indonesia: Terrorism 2NC (1/2) 58

Indonesia: Terrorism Link Ext. 60

Indonesia: Terrorism Impact Ext. (1/2) 61

Indonesia: A2 “India Tech Not Key” 64

Indonesia: A2 “Indonesia Not Key to Asia Stability” 65

Indonesia: A2 “Solves Terrrorism Now” 66

Indonesia: A2 “Stable Now” 67

Indonesia: A2 “U.S. Not Key to Democracy” 68

__________________________________________________ 69

**Space Weapons Net Benefit** 69

Weps Good: 1NC Shell 69

Weps Good: Perm Kills Indian Space Weapons 70

Weps Good: A2 “No Indian Space Weapon Development” 71

Weps Good: A2 “Offensive Use of Indian Space Weapons” 72

__________________________________________________ 74

**Perm Answers** 74

Perm Ans: Focusing on Commerical Space Kills Relations 74

Perm Ans: India Coop Links to Politics 75

Perm Ans: US-India Cooperation Fails 76

__________________________________________________ 77

**Answers to Answers** 77

A2 “Delay Solvency Deficit” 77

A2 “India-Pakistan Conflict” 78

A2 “Indian Economy Prevents New Programs” 79

A2 “Indian Education Bad” 80

A2 “Launch Failures” 81

A2 “No Money For Launches” 83

A2 “U.S. Science Superior” 84

__________________________________________________ 85

**Aff Answers** 85

Aff: Capabilities Limited to Satellites 85

Aff: Delay Solvency Deficit 86

Aff: Funding Scandals Gut Soft Power 87

Aff: Indo-Pak Relations Brink 88

Aff: Indian Soft Power Fails (1/2) 89

Aff: Institutional Problems Check Solvency 91

Aff: ISRO Mismanaged 92

Aff: No Tech Interoperability 93

Aff: No Indian Space Weaponization 94

Aff: No Launch Capability (1/2) 95

Aff: Preemption DA 97

Aff: Secrecy Means India Will Weaponize Regardless 98

__________________________________________________ 99

**Aff Perm Evidence** 99

Aff Perm: U.S.-India Space Coop Solves (1/4) 99

Aff Perm: U.S.-India Tech Coop Solves 103

Aff Perm: US-India Tech Interoperable 104

Aff Perm: Coop Solves Relations 105

Aff Perm: Coop Solves SSP 106

Aff Perm: Coop Solves Weaponization 107

Aff Perm: Coop Solves Soft Power 108

Aff Perm: Coop Can Only Increase Relations 109

__________________________________________________ 110

**US-India Relations** 110

US-India Relations High (1/5) 110

US-India Relations Low 115

Unilateral Action Kills US-India Relations (1/2) 116

US-India Good: Afghanistan 119

US-India Good: Business Confidence 120

US-India Good: China Counterbalacing 121

US-India Good: Democracy 122

US-India Good: Economy 123

US-India Good: Economy Ext. 124

US-India Good: Generic 125

US-India Good: Energy 126

US-India Good: Hegemony 127

US-India Good: Hegemony Ext. 128

US-India Good: Middle East 129

US-India Good: Multiwarrant 130

US-India Good: Nuclear Terrorism 131

US-India Good: Pakistan 132

US-India Good: Peacekeeping 133

US-India Good: Prolif 134

US-India Good: Space Debris 135

US-India Good: Warming 136



India CP 1NC

Observation 1 - Text:
The Republic of India, through the India Space Research Organization, should [insert plan text]. We’ll clarify.

Observation 2 – Solvency:
A. India space agency ready for new missions – less costly, more competitive, and designed to help people.
Mark Sappenfield, staff writer of the The Christian Science Monitor, October 22, 2008, “Moon mission takes India’s space program in new direction”,
When India's first unmanned mission to the Moon left its launchpad shortly after dawn Wednesday, much of the world heralded the success as the crowning achievement of India's space agency. They are residents of India's remote archipelagoes who have had access to first-class medical treatment through satellite uplinks, or eager engineering students who have asked questions of some of the most respected professors in the country from hundreds of miles away. India's 39-year-old space program is perhaps unique. In a country of great need, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has long prioritized the practical uses of space science over the prestige it so often brings. The Chandrayaan-1 lunar probe marks an evolution of this tradition, signaling the new scope of the country's ambitions while at the same time rooted in the ISRO's modest beginnings – built solely with Indian know-how and for one-sixth the cost of a similar NASA mission. "It is now a mature-enough space program to start doing these sorts of things," says Jeff Foust of The Space Review, an online magazine. Chandrayaan is India's entry into an emerging Asian space race. China and Japan have also recently sent spacecraft to the moon, as well. South Korea is building its own space program. Following in China's footsteps, India is expected to begin a manned space program, too, though the decision has yet to be made. Chandrayaan is scheduled to reach the Moon after five days and spend two years in orbit, mapping the surface and looking for water ice deposits among other tasks. Two of the 11 instruments were designed by NASA, four are European, and five are Indian – including a small "impactor" probe that will be shot into the moon's surface to analyze its composition. To be sure, India is feeling pressure from its Asian rivals, as well as a renewed focus on the moon in the US and Russia. But the origins of its space program differ markedly. Elsewhere "space programs came as spinoffs of military programs, so the things the space program was expected to deliver were things that could be used in defense," says S.K. Das, a former ISRO official. "In the Indian space program – because it was so late to develop, it had to be justified in terms of social outcomes." The result was a program "designed to help its own people, rather than as a token of national pride," says Mr. Foust.

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