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Maya Magaraci

Period 1

Happiness Essay

What is the key to happiness? Happiness is not just one specific thing. There are many keys to happiness. Happiness comes in friends and family, quick fixes, and choosing to be happy with your life style. Achieving happiness is not possible, it is your choice to be happy or not.

Surrounding yourself with good and positive people that make you happy is a choice you can make. For example, choose to be around your friends and family or any other positive influences in your life. When you have yourself surrounded by positive people you will have a positive mindset. You can choice to go out and do something or just relax. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Think good and happy thoughts and you will be happy doing whatever. This proves you will be a happier person when you spend your time with the people you love and care about.

There are choices you can make that will make you happy, but only for a short period of time. For example, things like eating, shopping, and sleeping will make you happy as you are doing them but once the action has been completed you realize you gained weight, don’t have any money, and are faced with reality. The feeling you get after you are done with your quick fix is not good. This proves you are happy for a short period of time because of the choices you make but go back to being unhappy after the quick fix is over.

Many people have everything they could ever want, but are still unhappy. Why? Because they chose to be. For example, many of the rich and famous like Demi Lavato and Amy Winehouse are not or were not happy with their perfect lives. Both of them had or have a lot of money, great opportunities, amazing talent and were and still are loved by millions of people. They both had or have so many reasons to be happy, but choose not to be. They chose to harm themselves instead. There are many less fortunate people in the world that accept their life style and choose to be happy with it. No matter the circumstances you can choice to be happy if you want to be. This proves happiness is a choice you can make weather you’re rich, poor, famous, or just a regular person.

Therefore, happiness is a choice, not an achievement. There are many keys to happiness, such as, family and friends, quick fixes, and choosing to be happy with your life style.

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