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The researcher sent the links, that will help me with my essay, sent me two links. One that explain how America landed on the moon and the other one explaining the conspiracy theories for example:

11Bad: The first bit of actual evidence brought up is the lack of stars in the pictures taken by the Apollo astronauts from the surface of the Moon. Without air, the sky is black, so where are the stars?

Good: The stars are there! They're just too faint to be seen.
Interview with Teacher
To extend the project even further the aim was to get other views on this complex question, so by interviewing a science teacher will be the best thing to get a dept of information on this complex question
Interviewer: What do you think about the moon landing?
Science Teacher: “I think it was amazing event that had the potential to change people’s perspective about the world, our place in the universe, the wonder of life”
Interviewer: Have you seen the video footage, and do you believe the moon landing was real?
Science Teacher: “Yes, I’ve seen the video footage and I accept it being real. Im aware the beliefs that it was faked, but it strikes me as a sensationalist. I also don’t see why it would be faked, deaths occurred in the missions leading up to the successful mission which seams costly for something non-real”
Interviewer: Do you believe NASA achieved something great?
Science Teacher: “yes, because of them we have better thing in our lives like the technology”
The information gathered from these two sources, the e-mail and the interview indicates that NASA might have been telling the truth after all but might have not. The reason is that these two sources have said yes, man landed on the moon and after they back their point up with evidence, like NASA lost some astronauts leading up to the mission on the other hand there are points to suggest that NASA faked the moon landing like the fact that America was competing with the Soviet Union to see who goes to the moon first, so America might of faked the landing just to show the world that America are the best at astronomy, also on one source there’s one point to back up NASA and another point to back up the conspiracy,

Why would America fake the moon landing?
Before the moon landing in 1969, the Soviet Union always came top at space programs, they were the first ones to launch the first artificial satellite, Sputnik into orbit and they were the first ones to send man into orbit and many more amazing thing. So when President John F Kennedy announced by the end of the 1960’s America would send man to the moon, Soviet Union decided to join the Space race to see who would send man to the moon first. So in 1969 man landed on the moon and America beat the Soviet Union in the most important race in history.
After there question about how America might of faked the moon landing just to beat the Soviet Union, this was not a definite fact but just a conspiracy.For example in Bad Astronomy states that the 12Soviet Union, with their own competing Moon program and a formidable scientific community able to analyze NASA data, could be expected to have cried foul if the United States tried to fake a Moon landing. Also the year was coming to an end, and the space program in America wanted to show that there the better nation out of America and Russia at space programs, so they might of pulled this stunt to show that there the best at space programs.
In the leading to the mission to the moon NASA lost some of its astronauts, so why would NASA lie if people died to make this mission possible. Some think they were killed so that they don’t leak the story on how America was about to fake the moon landing.
Scientist claim that when the astronaut where coming back to earth there would have been a height possibly they would have died, 13The astronauts could not have survived the trip because of exposure to radiation from the Van Allen radiation belt. So as the astronaut were coming to earth they should have been killed due to the radiation, why weren’t they?, it’s not due to there shuttle because the shuttle was made as thin as possible, and to protect them from the ray’s the cubicle they were in should have been at least 2 meters thick. So this is one of the questions that got scientist thinking that the moon landing was faked.
Lunar Samples

Lunar Picture

Luna Sample Description

14Apollo 11 basalt 10049. This sample has a mass of 193 grams and is up to 10 centimetres across. (NASA/Johnson Space Centre photograph S76-25456.)

15Apollo 11 breccia 10018. This sample has a mass of 213 grams and is up to 8 centimeters across. (NASA/Johnson Space Center photograph S75-30226.)


These were some of the rocks collected during the Apollo 11 mission, these rock were tested and proven to be from the moon. In total 22kg wroth of space rocks were analysed but most of it was destroyed due to experiments. These lunar samples is hard core evidence that man went to the moon

Luna Module
The Luna Module is the space craft which took the heroic men to the moon and then safely back to earth. After the heroic even the conspiracy theories started flowing in, that the Lunar Module wasn’t fit to fly to the moon and back, the Module couldn’t have protected the astronaut from the harmful radiations from Van Allen’s Belt. Also 16weighed 17 tons and sat on top of the sand making no impression but directly next to it footprints can be seen in the sand. The Lander weighed less than three tons on the Moon. The astronauts were much lighter than the Lander, but their boots were much smaller than the 1-meter landing pads. Pressure, or force per unit area, rather than force, determines the extent of regolith compression.

Scientist says that the astronauts weren’t meant to survive on their journey back to earth and the only thing protecting the astronaut’s were 17aluminum hulls of the spacecraft, but the craft should have been fitted with protective insulation at least 2 meters thick, but only a thin bit of aluminum foil saved their lives. This is another reason why conspiracy’s started to form because all the evidence that NASA gave out to the public did not add up.

Re-creating the moon’s surface

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