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There are no stars to be seen in the distance.

9The moon's surface reflects sunlight, and that glare would have made stars difficult to see. Also, the astronauts photographed their lunar adventures using fast exposure settings, which would have limited incoming background light

No Visible Flame

Not Real: As the top half of the rocket was exiting the moon, when it took off there was no flame visible, if it was a rocket then there should be a visible flame produced but no visible flame was produced. This became suspicious and was part of the conspiracy theory.

Real: The fuel made wasn’t supposes to be visible when the Lander took off, 10the Lander used a mix of hydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide (an oxidizer). These two chemicals ignite upon contact and produce a product that is transparent.

E-mail sent to NASA
I had to get the proper verdict on this perplexing question, so I went on the website and I sent NASA and email saying:
Hi my name is mark, I am a student in the UK and I’m trying to
>find out the truth behind the moon landing
>would you please provide information about the moon landing to help me
>in my studies
>thank you
>I’m looking forward to your response
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