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If we really look at both these pictures we can see the picture on the left we see Edwin Aldrin saluting the flag then on the other picture he has his arm down, but we can see on both pictures the flag of the USA has not moved meaning it may have been edited in the picture, also why is the flag fluttering, when there suppose to be no gravity in space and no atmosphere on the moon?


As press was getting more reluctant to find answers about the moon landing Neil Armstrong made a serious statement “You do not deserve answers!”6 Was he cracking with the guilt inside of him or was he been asked to decline all questions from the US government?

In this investigation, we know that there are good arguments to believing that the moon landing was real, and good arguments into believing that the moon landing was fake. Here are some more pictures, but there are two arguments for and against the moon landing.


Moon Landing was Fake

Moon Landing was Real

As you can see that the Luna module is over shadowing the astronaut, but the astronaut can be well seen and not dark.

7There were multiple light sources, Launius said. "You've got the sun, the Earth's reflected light, and light reflecting off the lunar module, the spacesuits, and also the lunar surface."

The reflection that on the picture can be evidence that they shot this picture in a studio.

8It’s highly unlikely NASA would make such an obvious blunder if they had spent millions of dollars to fake the moon landing, Plait said.
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