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Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin Jr. the Lunar Module Pilot of the Apollo 11 mission was born in New Jersey on January 20th, 1930. Aldrin joined the U.S Military Academy and then became commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air force in 1951. After Aldrin completed a degree in Astronautics and joined NASA. Aldrin was the pilot of the Gemini Missions then he was confirmed as the pilot of the Apollo 11 mission. On 1969 he was the second astronaut to walk on the moon and had a spacewalk, he became one of the know man in history.

On July 24th the astronauts arrived to earth as hero’s, the first ever men to walk the surface of the moon. They succeeded what people could only describe as impossible,

Problematical, unachievable but these men reached their goal with the help of NASA; President John F Kennedy dream was fulfilled.

As time progressed, people started analysing the footage of the moon landing, and the picture which was taken on the moon and started pointing out faults. They analysed a picture and saw that the flag of the USA was fluttering, but how can there be wind on the moon when there’s no atmosphere on the moon. Also they analysed the footage and they claimed that the shadow does not align with the astronaut where the light source of the sun is being projected. They started to believe that the moon landing wasn’t real.

This is only a conspiracy theory that NASA and the US government tricked the world into believing that America achieved the impossible, this investigation will have the dept detail to finally get an answer. Most of the world believes that the moon landing was real, but only a small percentage think it was all a big hoax. There are many views for and against to this argument here is some evidence to back up both arguments.

Some evidence into believing the moon landing was real

Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin collected a total of 382 kilograms (842 lb) of Moon rocks and Moon dust were collected during the Apollo 113, this was so that NASA can be able to analyze the rock, and they believe they are dated back 4.5 billions years ago, but many doubted they were just any other rocks but experiments confirmed these rocks to be lunar rocks. This was hard evidence that man really landed on the moon, proving that America achieved one of the greatest moments in history.


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