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This astronaut should be covered with the shadow, but instead his crystal white suit can be seen clearly in the picture, the only explanations is that the light was reflected from the other astronauts helmet screen, but still the astronaut should have been at least darker than this, which assumes that this may have been taken in a studio with spot lights. Only NASA knows the truth!

Conclusion of the Experiment
The aim of the experiment was to see whether if a picture could be re- created, the scene when Buzz Aldrin stepped on to the module, and the experiment was succeeded. Many shots were taken of the experiment to examine and for proof that the project is original, but importantly to see whether or not the original picture was real. From the evidence that was collated, the conclusion that 40% the picture that was taken is a fake, the real destination were the picture was taken is in a studio 384,403 km from the moon. The reason is that Buzz Aldrin didn’t have one bit of darkness on him, and if the ground that was pitch black, why wasn’t Buzz Aldrin covered with the shadow. On the other hand there could have been multiple light sources to give light to the astronaut also a company like NASA well known for its magnificent achievements won’t lie to the public and its fellow nation.
Also take into notice that there are no stars in the original pictures, and in space there are definitely stars, so this can be that the moon landing didn’t take place on the moon. On the other hand, the excuse used to explain this is that the moon’s light reflected the sun’s glare and it would be difficult to see the star, which is an outrage.
Also why are the pictures crystal clear, like it was taken by a professional camera, in 1969 those kinds of camera’s weren’t on the market at the time, but realizing the money that NASA invested on the project brings you to terms that they would have had a good camera to cope with the atmosphere and get great pictures.

But in the experiment, light did bounce off from the surface giving the object acting as the astronaut some light, which could lead into believing that NASA wasn’t lying.

Realizing why assumptions were made that the moon landing was falsified because none of the evidence which NASA provided didn’t make sense or didn’t add up. On the other hand the American government and NASA wouldn’t have wasted money, effort and lives to perform a stunt like this.
The experiment that was carried out wasn’t professional, the reason due to lack of space but the reason why the experiment was carried out is to get an idea about the moon landing. If the experiment could be repeated, bigger and better props will be used and arrange to get a big space so the experiment could be carried out properly. Also I should have made a plan of my experiment before hand, so the experiment would have been much better and I should have got help from teachers to make my experiment better because they could have advised me to do it better than I originally done it. Overall I think my experiment was a success and it gave me the evidence I needed to assume the moon landing would have been faked, I found out why conspiracy theories would have been made.
The entire allegation that was about the moon landing hasn’t been proven for 100%, the only way if we know if NASA is telling the truth or not is to go to the moon again. Therefore plans to return the moon in 2018 are well on the way as technology have improved from 1969, I think it will be easier and better.
Secondary Research: Other Experiments that People did
The people who did this experiment were not biased, they just wanted to get the truth, they have a show called Mythbusters, and they prove everything that is a conspiracy.
Example 1

18The film of the astronauts moon walking is actually film of the astronauts skipping in front of a high-frame rate camera, slowing down the picture and giving the illusion they are on the Moon.

Adam donned a replica NASA spacesuit and mimicked the astronauts’ motions while being filmed by a slow motion camera. They also attached Adam to wires in order to mimic the Moon’s lower gravity. While comparing their new footage with the original footage, the Mythbusters noted an initial similarity, but there were several small discrepancies attributable to filming in Earth’s gravity. In order to film in microgravity, the Mythbusters boarded a Reduced Gravity Aircraft and filmed the exact same movements. Adam noted that the movements were more comfortable and more logical in microgravity, and their footage from the plane looked exactly like the original NASA film. The Mythbusters concluded that the moon landing film is authentic

Example 2

19One of the NASA photos is fake because Neil Armstrong can be clearly seen while in the shadow of the lunar Lander.

To test this myth, the Mythbusters built a large-scale replica of the landing site, allowing them to take a photo which was nearly identical to the original NASA photo. The Mythbusters explained that Armstrong was visible because of ambient light being reflected off of the Moon’s surface.

These Experiments proved that NASA was telling the truth, the second experiment which they did, was similar to the experiment that was carried out, in the end they got their result and proved that NASA was telling the truth. The only difference between their experiment and the experiment that was carried out is that they had much more funding, and they planned and carried out their experiment well, the experiment that the Mythbusters carried out can be compared to the experiment that was carried out because both experiments found that the light was been reflected off the surface, so I could say that NASA might have been telling the truth all along, although this is some evidence that NASA might have been telling the truth, take into consideration that there’s theories linking that NASA faked it, the final conclusion would have to see both side of the argument and make its final judgment on this complex question.

Conclusion to the Project

The investigation was about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, if man really landed on the moon and took those steps on the surface of the moon.

In conclusion, this project has reviewed both aspects of the arguments. This project was about a conspiracy theory that could be true or can be false, the bad thing with a conspiracy theory is that it’s unlikely that it will be proved nevertheless depth research can be carried out to prove many point of your argument. The aim of this project is to conclude weather the moon landing was falsified, to find dept research to conclude the project had to be carried out well also there would have to be qualitative research in order to make the project original, this means that experiments will be carried out and interviews.
The first part of the project was to see the evidence of the moon landing, the evidence for the moon landing being real like the astronauts placed a Laser Ranging Retro reflector to target a signal from earth so that they could calculate for example distance from earth to the moon; this machinery was left on the moon evidence for their moon landing, and then the conspiracy theories of the moon landing being phony like the “Waving Flag”, why is the flag waving in space, where there’s no atmosphere, at this part of the project was 50/50 because both sides had good points.
The next step of the project was to analyze a picture and say a good and bad point for example (the one on the left), there would be an argument for and against, this was done to see and compare both sets of arguments.
The next aim of the project was to send out e-mails to people about this topic, I decided to send an e-mail to NASA to get their view on this complex topic, miraculously they sent a reply. The e-mail what they sent wasn’t biased at all, they gave many links that was useful towards the topic, one link consisted of good and bad argument about the moon landing this link proved helpful in the project. An Interview was carried out with a science teacher, in order to get background information on this topic, he suggested that NASA did go to the moon because why would they risk live to fake it, after more research was carried out.
The final step was to carry out the experiment, the experiment was focus on a picture and the aim was to re-create it. After the experiment was carried out, it was concluded that NASA might be telling the truth, because there explanation to the picture was the same as the explanation to the experiment.
The answer to the question “was the moon landing fake” is that it wasn’t faked, from the evidence gathered, I have come to a conclusion that man really went to the moon. From the evidence that NASA brought back many space rocks, which was proven to be real and that a respected nation would carry out a scam like this to fool the world.
Experiments have been carried out to prove NASA’s innocence, and the conclusions of the experiments were legit and seem to add up. Also NASA spent millions into this project and lives were lost and too think that NASA faked it would seem injudicious. There are bits of the puzzle that doesn’t add up, like how they survived the radiation and why there weren’t there stars in the picture, but these mysteries stay with NASA.
"I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth." The dream of President John F. Kennedy was fulfilled. On July 20th 1969, the world witnessed one of the greatest ever achievements in history and the story of how man walked on the moon will be told for generations to come.


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