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Maria Corona

English 100b

Jodi Simmons

May 6, 2015

Smoking Analysis

Why waste thousands of dollars on cigarettes which will in the long run lead you to a certain death? Teenagers are supposed to look up to their parents but if what they see as an example is them smoking, then why shouldn’t they follow their steps as they get older? Advertisements aren’t just attracting adults but also younger generations since they see it as something cool, that everyone else is doing, allowing many teens and adults to catch on and start smoking, thus becoming an addiction that they themselves can’t stop, later causing major health problems. In reality not only is the person smoking damaging their health but the people surrounding them are getting the same health problems as well. Cigarette companies ignore the health issues and second hand effects thus non-profit smoking companies have been trying to lure in smokers in order to make them quit.

Smoking has been the number one leading advertisement that has gotten many people hooked onto their bandwagon. For years people have started jumping onto the smoking habit making it so addicting that there is no way of stopping since the nicotine contained in cigarettes gets people immune to it. Not only do cigarettes contain nicotine but many other chemicals such as carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia, and many more. Many of which are cancer causing compounds, but human beings don’t understand the move against smoking that has been going on for about 20+ years against cigarettes they instead want to bear the consequences of smoking. But at the same time without any intentions to harming the people surrounding them, they are causing health problems upon their loved ones. The number one second had smoking health problem in America has been breathing problems such as asthma which younger children are more prone too. That is why there have been new healthier brands of cigarettes made such as E Cigarettes, and Water Vapor ones to stop lung cancer and many other health problems caused by smoking cigarettes.

Second hand problems aren’t wanted by more than half of the people affected by it, but they can’t do much to stop it from happening since more than half are children with smoking parents. They can’t be blamed for having breathing issues or for having heart problems. If the parent smokes then so will the child as she is also breathing in the same air as the parent is, so both are getting killed by the same chemicals but at different rates. Thus many non-profit smoking companies have started making ads for the purpose of inspiring parents to quit smoking, in order to have healthy children.

In the advertisement, by the Child Health Foundation, we see a halo over the child’s head made up of cigarette smoke. In the ad they use the quote, “Children of parents who smoke, get to heaven earlier,” which is a form of logos, by trying to reason with people using logical expressions. You feel sympathy for the innocent child which anti-smokers are trying to get into pro-smokers mind by using pathos to emotionally try and stop them from smoking, thus saving more lives. By using the image of the child they are trying to get smoking parents to quit. Therefore, it is a use of ethos because it connects the child’s story with other children whose parents might be seeing this advertisement. Once parents see the ad it is meant to try and get them to realize that smoking isn’t just bad for them but also to other precious lives surrounding them. Parents should think twice before lighting a cigarette since those surrounding them could end up losing everything, even their life due to the bad choices that the parents decided to take. That is why anti-smoking companies are trying to bring awareness to smokers so that it doesn’t get to the point of them not having a family to come home too anymore due to bad decisions.

Having perfect health is not always guaranteed, but taking good care of one’s body and what it is that we intake is something that we can guaranteed. If one is in good health why start a habit that could take that away and put you in the hands of death. That’s exactly what cigarette companies are doing to people who start smoking and don’t know how to control their addiction. Smoking not only causes death in the long run but mean while you have lung issues, heart problems, amputations and stoma operations due to throat cancer. As in the case of Shawn, who at age 50 has a stoma in order to speak and breathe through. A stoma is an artificial opening that is made into a hollow body organ and in the case of Shawn it is on his trachea which is helping him live. Through the ad by the CDC Foundation, an anti-smoking foundation, we get emotionally disturbed because Shawn is shaving his facial hair and the razor is so close to his stoma thus it makes us shiver at the sight of him almost cutting himself, the use of pathos is clearly seen in the image. And all that struggle due to smoking when there was no need for him to ruin his healthy ability to breathe normally at such a young age. All because Shawn was able to speak about his life story to the world is that we can now consider his life’s sad outcome due to smoking to be a form of ethos since he is a credible source. And the foundation which is talking about and showing us his struggle to even shave his face like a normal person is of a reliable source as well since they have been trying to stop smokers since before I was born. As for the usage of logos a specific trademark or symbol caused in this case by smoking cigarettes would be the stoma, caused by getting throat cancer. And not only is there breathing and ability to talk is getting affected but so are Shawn’s looks. Where ever Shawn decides to go society will always be looking and talking about him, since the stoma isn’t something that Shawn could easily hide from the public. His voice will never be sounding the same anymore and his neck would never be looking the same way in which it had been before he got throat cancer. And yet smokers still see this image and don’t take their lives into consideration when choosing to join the smoking crews because they don’t think that what happen to Shawn could happen to them as well.

Cigarette companies don’t care about the after effects caused by their products because if they did they would have changed something about them a while ago. Not only does the company’s reputation decrease when new health problems are discovered to have been caused by smoking but people still continue to buy from them like magnets. That is why non-profit companies and foundations that have been forming over the last 20+ years against smoking have had a great impact on our society in order to stop people from continuing to ruin their lives. ‘Smoking Kills,’ as the image says will be the correct inference to make especially when there has been many true stories told by many cigarette smokers who survived but were left with many health problems to deal with. Pathos are shown here as the gun makes one feel frighten and scared as you can see that the cigarettes are representing bullets. Logos are also being shown in this ad where one uses ones logic because everyone knows that guns are a symbol of death which in this case is representing one of varies forms of dying do to smoking. Nobody can guess a certain outcome for a smoker but they can guess how much better their lives could have been if they had never started or had ended their addiction sooner. But that is what makes the foundations against smoking work to appeal to people who have families and don’t what them to get hurt due to the bad choices that they chose to take on. But companies who due sell the cigarettes have had a tough time due to anti-smoking companies who put ads such as the gun one because they show smokers that life is precious and that it could all go away in a blink of an eye if they don’t change their bad habits. Anti-smoking companies want smokers to improve their lives by removing tobacco because tobacco has robbed them of very great memories in life not only their health. By quitting, smokers can get new energy and a more positive attitude towards their lives making the gun advertisement part of their past and their future would be taking more care of their families. Smoker’s greatest accomplishment would be to take control over their lives once more, in order to make a new destiny and not let themselves be influenced by tobacco advertisements and addictive drugs ever again.
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