March bell questions tuesday 3/1 Define the word “masquerade” in your own words. Why do you think the book is titled

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Tuesday 3/1

1. Define the word “masquerade” in your own words.

2. Why do you think the book is titled Bronx Masquerade? Explain.

Wednesday 3/2

Bronx Masquerade

By Devon Hope

I woke up this morning

exhausted from hiding

the me of me

so I stand here confiding

there’s more to Devon

than jump shot and rim.

I’m more than tall

and lengthy of limb.

I dare you to peep

behind these eyes,

discover the poet

in tough-guy disguise.

Don’t call me Jump Shot.

My name is Surprise.

  1. Identify at least 4 pieces of figurative language AND label each with its proper term.

  2. Write a constructed response that supports and explores the theme you feel is best for the poem “Bronx Masquerade.” Make sure you use direct evidence from the poem to support your analysis of the theme.

Thursday 3/3

Correctly label each example of figurative language.

  1. “O, ride you fast, yet at the last,

Hate faster rides,”

  1. A moment since, the office boy,

Invisible as night,

Rested on some dim-curtained shelf”

  1. “She soothed her secret sorrow”

  2. All books are either dreams, or swords,

You can cut, or you can drug, with words.”

  1. “In peaceful noises of the farm, and watch

The pastoral fields burned by the setting sun...”

  1. The lake waves were flakes of red gold.”

  2. “Beauty calls and gives no warning,”

Friday 3/4

Brainstorm tough choices/decisions/issues you feel most middle school students face. Think about what you’ve seen in your years of middle school. What have you or your friends had to deal with? How have you or your friends handled it?


What are the social groups you typically see walking the halls of JMS? How easy is it for students to move from one social group to the next? Have you tried to change your look, interests, etc. to “fit in” with another group? How did that go? How did your friends respond? Explain why or why not.


Explain how the urban setting operates as the 19th character in the class. How does setting affect story?

How would this book be different if relocated to rural Montana? Or you own hometown?


Pretend that the school administration has threatened to pull the plug on Open Mike Fridays, believing it is not contributing to the new focus on standards of learning and is a waste of time.

How would you defend the practice? What have students learned? How has it changed them?


Who is your favorite character from Bronx Masquerade? Explain why.

Friday 3/11



  1. Suzie’s mother taught her to never let anyone degrade her, so now she demands respect in all of her relationships.

  1. My mom wanted to get the red napkins for the party and my dad wanted the blue napkins, but I’m not even concerned about such frivolous things.

  1. My mom always worries about my grades and the colleges that I’ll be able to attend, but if she were a little less fretful she’d be a lot more fun.

  1. Few were impressed by Kirstin’s presentation, “How to Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time,” even though Kirstin was able to simultaneously walk and chew gum.

  1. It is difficult to forgive someone who has hurt you, even if that person is penitent and expresses regret for their decisions.


  1. The magnanimous judge released the young offender who had been caught stealing bread by saying, "Everybody has to eat," and slamming down his gavel.

  1. The workers wrote an anonymous letter to their boss in which they expressed their grievances: long working hours, low pay, and dangerous working conditions.

  1. Kevin told me that there is no homework. Katie told me that we are supposed to study for a quiz. I'm going to check the teacher's website to ascertain the truth.

  1. Angela did not want to go to the party. She wanted to study for the exam, but her sister nagged her so much that Angela finally acquiesced and agreed to go.

  1. Bruce did not want to help clean up the trash by the river, but the principal told him that since he chose to skip classes on Friday, his participation in the event would be compulsory.


A penny for your thoughts?  If it's a 1943 copper penny, it could be worth as much as fifty thousand dollars.  In 1943, most pennies were made out of steel since copper was needed for World War II, so the 1943 copper penny is ultra-rare.  Another rarity is the 1955 double die penny.  These pennies were mistakenly double stamped, so they have overlapping dates and letters.  If it's uncirculated, it'd easily fetch $25,000 at an auction.  Now that's a pretty penny.  

Summarize this paragraph in ONE sentence.  Be specific and clearly explain the main idea.


Choose the pair of words that best express a relationship similar to that of the original pair. Then write a bridge sentence to the right.

Bridge Type: Part to Whole Bridge Sentence:

  1. CONCLUSION : ESSAY A conclusion is part of an essay.

  1. theme : song

  2. meal : dessert

  3. parade : party A ________ is part of a ________.

  4. scene : play

Bridge Type: Function Bridge Sentence:

  1. LOCKER : STORAGE A locker is used for storage.

a) telephone : communication

b) wallet : cash

c) pencil : paper A ________ is used for ________.

d) lake : moisture

Bridge Type: Degree Bridge Sentence:

  1. EXCRUCIATING : PAINFUL Something that is excruciating

a) baffling : confusing is very painful.

b) upsetting : exciting

c) improving : hopeful Something that is ______________

d) crippling : stressful is very _________.

Friday 3/25



Pam clutched the steering wheel awkwardly. The man in the passenger seat looked at her from behind wireframe glasses and then looked back at his clipboard and made some checks. Pam attempted to pull out from the parking spot slowly, but her foot slipped and she pressed on the gas too hard. The car jerked back suddenly and she almost crashed into a parked van. The man scowled at her and made another check on his clipboard. He said dryly, "Turn right here." Sweat beads gathered on Pam's brow. She timidly exited the parking lot. Now she was on a thoroughfare and was traveling 15 MPH below the speed limit. Traffic accumulated behind her. The man made a few more checks on his clipboard and wrote a comment. "Turn left at this stop sign," he said. Pam slowly turned left, but she did not stop. Several cars honked, and then she ran over a curb and bumped into a newspaper vending machine. The man hurriedly made several more checks on his clipboard and said, "OK, we're done here. Please get in the passenger seat. I will drive back to the facility."

What is Pam doing? How do you know this?

Who is the man with Pam? How do you know this?

What information is the man putting on his clipboard? How do you know this?
Tuesday 3/29

Before you put on that Angry Birds costume and exhaust yourself roving from door to door pandering for candy, take a minute to reflect on the tradition in which you are taking part.  Halloween is believed to have come from an ancient Celtic festival dating back some 2,000 years.  November 1st was the Celtic New Year and marked the end of summer to the Celts, so they celebrated on its eve by wearing costumes made of animal skins and dancing around bonfires.  Over the next two millennia, this primitive celebration grew to be the candy fueled costume ball that we know today.

Summarize this paragraph in ONE sentence.  Be specific and clearly explain the main idea.

Wednesday 3/30

Yellowstone National Park is mainly located in Wyoming, although three percent is located in the state of Montana.  The Continental Divide of North America runs diagonally through the southwestern part of the park.  The park sits on the Yellowstone Plateau, which is an average elevation of 8,000 feet above sea level.  This plateau is bounded on nearly all sides by mountain ranges.  There are 290 waterfalls that are at least fifteen feet in the park, the highest being the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, which falls 308 feet.

Summarize this paragraph in ONE sentence.  Be specific and clearly explain the main idea.

Thursday 3/31

Read the paragraph. Which context clues in the paragraph help readers define discrepancies?

Write down the four appropriate responses.
Just as cars come in all sizes and shapes and require different amounts of gasoline, each teenager’s body burns calories at a different rate. As teens grow they require more fuel, especially if they exercise for more than one hour a day. Everyone has unique caloric requirements; large discrepancies, therefore, exist among organizations that publish dietary caloric intake charts. Registered dieticians can certainly help individuals learn what caloric intake is right for them.

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