March 7, 2013 Vocabulary Essay 19

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Hatem Tawfik



March 7, 2013

Vocabulary Essay 19

In 2010 the player Robin van Persia was in Arsenal and he played for the Arsenal for many years but he did not get any trophies with arsenal like the champions cup or the English premiere league or the FA CUP , and the arsenal fans was always smiting him with water bottles and stones to procure him out of the arsenal club and when the arsenal manger said to him to get out of the team he was very hostile , and he was disquiet in arsenal .

To Define that he was not respected at all from Arsenal fans so Manchester united started talking about Robin V.Persia and they said they wanted as third strong sticker with Hernandez and Rooney and it impress him because they were always talking about him , so he decided to go to Manchester United team and play for them for 5 years , and when he reached Manchester , Manchester fans did for him a party and he was lionize in this Team .

So when he started playing with Manchester united he scored more than 50 goals in the EPL and he had a great impact on Manchester So hence he showed a good prefiguring with Manchester and to the world that he is a great player. So one time he was playing a match and there was something wrong with the satellite, and his impetus started to change.

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