Making Connections Ashley Brown Westwood Elementary, 2005 What are Connections?

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Making Connections

What are Connections?

  • Connections are links that readers can make between what they are reading and things they already know about.

Why should we make connections?

  • Good readers make connections to better understand what they are reading.

How do readers make connections?

  • Good readers use their own background knowledge and prior experiences to make connections.
  • There are 3 different ways that a reader can make connections …

~ Types of Connections ~

Connection: Text – to - Self

  • These are connections that readers make between the text (what you are reading) and their own past experiences and/or background knowledge.

Connection: Text – to - Text

  • These are connections that readers make between the text they are reading and other texts the reader has read before.
  • Other kinds of texts might include books, poems, scripts, songs, or anything written.
  • You could even include movies or television shows that you have seen before.

Connection: Text – to - World

  • These are connections that readers make between the text and the bigger issues, events, or concerns of society.
  • To make these types of connections the reader must think about what is going on in the world around them.

Response Options for Sharing Connections …

  • Verbal Reponses – The reader would discuss the connections they made with a text aloud with others in a group.
  • Written Responses – The reader would write the connections they could make with a text down on a sheet of paper or in a response journal.

Ways to Start your Connections …

  • “That reminds me of … “
  • “Remember when … “
  • “This is like … “
  • “This character makes me think of …”
  • “This setting reminds me of … “

~ Let’s Practice ~

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