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Course Outline
French III


Madame Mihevc

708-386-0127 X289
Course Description: An intermediate, honors level course, which reviews, reinforces and builds skills acquired in previous study of French. Several new verb tenses are studied, which include plus-que-parfait, futur antérieur, conditionnel passé, passé simple and subjonctif. This class prepares students for level IV/AP.
Required Materials: Bien Dit Level III: Holt

Amsco French II workbook and Cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire

Petit Nicolas

French/English dictionary

Students need a folder and notebook exclusively for French.
Method of Instruction: Various methods will be used including, but not limited to, lecture, discussion, newspaper/magazine articles, Internet, video/DVD and audio recordings.
Makeup Policy: ABSENCES: It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work has been missed during an absence and to hand that work in to the teacher. All work handed out during your absence will be put in a folder with your name on it in the classroom. It is your responsibility to check with me and the folder when you return to school. Students will have 2 days to take care of all missed work, unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher.
Homework: Homework must be 100% complete and ready at the start of class to receive full credit. Students who do not have homework turned in on the due date will have one day to turn in the work for half credit, after that they will receive a zero for the assignment and cannot make it up. Larger assignments, such as projects, essays or longer written assignments will be dropped ½ letter grade for each day the assignment is late, up to 3 days. If the assignment is more than 3 days later the student will receive a zero for the assignment.
A reminder that daily homework is practice and is meant to reinforce what we studied in class. As practice you should see it as 1) okay to make mistakes and 2) as vital to your ultimate success on quizzes and tests. Homework is to tests what practice is to a game and rehearsal is to a performance. Take it seriously and you will do well. In addition to assigned homework you should spend 10-15 minutes a night reviewing vocabulary from the chapter.
Method of Evaluation: Students will be evaluated via written, oral and aural testing. Quizzes may be unannounced. Tests will be announced at least 2 days prior to test day. Projects/presentations will also be assigned as a method of evaluation. Student participation in class is essential in learning a foreign language and will count in the grade. Participation includes: using French in the classroom, attitude, effort, paying attention, volunteering appropriate information when asked, and being respectful of the class environment.
Method of Grading:

Grading Scale:

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

65-69 D

64-below F
All assignments/evaluations will be assigned a point value. Grades will be determined at the end of the quarter by dividing the total points received by the total points possible. Semester grades will be calculated as follows:
1st Quarter 40%

2nd Quarter 40%

Semester Exam 20%
There will be no curves on grading or extra credit. Extra credit distorts your learning, and I need to know that your grade accurately reflects what we studied. Focus on regular credit and you will do great!
Extra Help: Students are encouraged to contact the teacher to arrange for extra assistance if needed. In addition, students are also encouraged to seek help for Friar Mentors. If problems arise, take care of them quickly - foreign language acquisition is cumulative .

  • Respect is key. Respect your self, the teacher and other students at all times. Inappropriate language, behavior, disrespect and/or disruption of class will result in disciplinary action.

  • Be on time. This means come to class on time and be prepared daily, including all assignments due and all materials needed. Homework and assignments are due at the start of class. Students will NOT be allowed to leave class to get forgotten materials or assignments.

  • Do your own work. All work must be your own. Cheating or suspicion of cheating, in any form, on any assignment or exam will result in a ZERO on that assignment or exam and be subject to disciplinary action. Proper citation is needed for all references. Please note that use of online translation tools is a form of cheating and will not be tolerated.

  • No eating or gum chewing. The teacher is not able to accurately judge pronunciation of the language if the student is eating or chewing gum.

  • Cell phones must be neither seen nor heard. Any violation of the school’s policy on cell phones will be promptly reported to the Dean. The phone will be confiscated and the student will report to the Dean.

  • Tablets may be used in class only for specific, teacher directed activities. Tablets may not be open at any other time during class. JUG will be given for infraction.

  • All Fenwick rules of Dress Code and discipline must be followed.

The teacher reserves the right to make any changes to the course outline or classroom expectations. Such changes will be announced in class.

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Bonne chance et bon courage!

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