Macbeth Essay Body Paragraphs

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Macbeth Essay Body Paragraphs
The purpose of each body paragraph is to provide a discussion of one point from the text that supports your thesis statement. Always aim to prove the claim you’re making in your thesis – do not state facts or retell the plot.

  • Each body paragraph must discuss one different example from the text that supports your thesis statement

  • Each body paragraph must include a quote from the text to support your example (see below)

  • One body paragraph must include a quote from a secondary source (to be provided next week.)

  • Each body paragraph must begin with a transition word (i.e. First, Second, Finally)

Be sure you are integrating your quotes correctly:

  1. Set-up your quote by putting it in context. Here you are briefly noting what is happening in the play at the time the quote is said.

  2. Identify the speaker of the quote. For example: “Macbeth says”, “Banquo warns his son”, “Lady Macbeth evokes the spirits and says”

  3. Pay very close attention to punctuation

  4. Cite your quote (Act.Scene.Line) / (1.3.4-8)

  5. Follow-up with a sentence that explains the quote’s connection to your thesis

Topic Sentence

Explanation of topic sentence

Set-up the quote

Identify Speaker

Quote from the text


Follow-up to explain the quote

1-2 sentences to conclude the paragraph

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