Macbeth ap argument Essay Assignment

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AP Argument Essay Assignment

Option 1:
Accountability: (n) The concept of taking responsibility for one’s actions/decisions and the consequences/rewards that follow.

It could be argued that because of the simplicity of the definition, there is no leeway. As an adult, you are entirely responsible for what you say and do, regardless of outside influences or pressures. As such, you must accept what comes as a result (good or bad) from your words/choices.

There is the contention, however, that accountability is not so cut and dry. Consider what happens when we are pushed or influenced to do something, especially by someone we trust. Must we still take responsibility for our own actions or in these cases, is it acceptable to distribute blame?
Consider the opposing views above about accountability and then carefully write an essay in which you evaluate and discuss who is to blame for Macbeth’s ultimate demise. Use appropriate evidence from your reading to support your argument.

Option 2:
Ambition can be a person’s best friend or worst enemy. It can be the driving force that ignites a person to work hard, reach a goal, and ultimately feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. But what happens when ambition consumes a person and a (possibly unreachable) goal takes precedence over morals and ethics? What happens when a person decides that he/she will do absolutely anything to achieve what he/she wants?
Consider the opposing views above and then carefully write an essay in which you evaluate the differing perspectives about ambition and explain to what extent you believe ambition plays a role in a person’s life. Use appropriate evidence from your reading, experience, or observation to support your argument.

Note: The last sentence what you will see on the AP Argument Free-Response question. With that said, however, your options for this essay are NOT free. You MUST use William Shakespeare’s Macbeth as the source of your supporting examples/evidence/reasoning. On the actual AP exam, you may choose whatever examples make you smile.

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