M. A. International Politics International Relations

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Parjanya Bhatt 150, City Gate, 3 Blantyre Street,

Castle Field, Manchester M15 4EB

Cell no: 07529734462. E- mail: parjanya2@gmail.com

Blog: parjanyabhatt@blogspot.com

Professional Profile

Qualified, trained and experience holder in the field of media to handle both the journalistic and public relations with English national daily news papers, B2B news magazines and research/analytical reports, utilises strong communication skills to suit organisation’s needs at various levels of the media department.


2009 – 2010 University of Manchester (United Kingdom)

M.A. International Politics – International Relations

Area Focus: American Foreign Policy, Chinese Foreign Policy and International terrorism

These three themes formed the final project on American Hegemony – Terrorism and China Challenge. Other key highlights were; International Terrorism Under Question and Security Studies.

2005 – 2006 University of Mumbai (India)

Diploma in Journalism, HMFIJ

The one year cohesive programme laid the foundation of creativity maintaining a focus on journalistic skills helping focus on Business and political journalism.
2004 – 2007 University of Mumbai (India)

Bachelors of Law (LL.B.), Jitendra Chauhan College of Law

The major focus remained criminology and the Constitution of India.
2000 – 2004 University of Mumbai (India)

B.Com, Accounts and Economics, PD Lions college of Commerce and Economics

The business programme developed basic business management skills, but the highlight remained accounts and economics. This formed base for business journalism practised at Saffron Media.

Work Experience:

2010-Present: Public Relations officer UN World Food Programme University of Manchester


Worked for, Mancunian, University of Manchester’s newspaper (ongoing)


January 2009

Public Relation assistant with Academy for Media Research and Studies (AMRAS)

Professional Experience:


Sales Assistant, SPAR Food Retail Store, Manchester, UK (Present)

Worked in a consumer focused environment ensuring that the service quality meets the expectations

Gained team work experience in all main departments of the business

Freelance writing for the blog: www.thetoyzone.com, Manchester, UK
2008–2009 Political Journalism www.dnaindia.com

Daily News Analysis, National English daily news paper, Mumbai, India

  • Appointed as project in-charge for the coverage of the US Presidential elections 2008-09. Duties included: news story and analysis writing, story selection, designing and liaison with foreign correspondents.

  • Covered Mumbai Terror attack – 2008 and its international reactions (Output Desk)

  • Special issues on Pakistan and current situation in India's neighbourhood (Output Desk)

  • Had opportunity to cover the 50th anniversary of Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet (Output Desk)

  • Handled special Science and Technology page IKnow (Output Desk)

  • Proficient with QuarkExpress for designing and production of newspaper and magazine

2006-2007 Saffron Media Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai: Business Journalism www.saffronmedia.in

Employed as reporter-cum-sub-editor for magazines:

Food and Beverages (FnB News): www.fnbnews.com

  • Covered Indian poultry industry, agricultural and wheat policy of the Government of India and multinational food industry (Input Desk)

  • Travelbiz Monitor www.travelbizmonitor.com

Worked as a crucial team member of the group carrying out pre-launch project work of travel news magazine (Input Desk)

Worked as copy editor for: Saffron Media Pvt. Ltd

  • Pharma and Food Ingredients (PFI)

Contributed news stories, invited news articles and industry analysis from the food processing industry, undertook sub-editing and designing of the magazine (Input Desk)

  • Hospital Equipment

Invited news articles and industry analysis from the medical industry, sub-editing and designing

Languages known:

  • English (Fluent), Hindi (Native), Gujarati (Native), Marathi­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ (native), Urdu (Basic), Punjabi (Basic), Arabic (Elementary)


  • Awarded with a prize of $250 by the ETS authorities, United States of America for writing essay at the GRE, English language examination

  • Essay on Cyber Crime was selected in first 10 all over Mumbai in a competition conducted by University of Mumbai in concurrence with Cyber Crime Department, Mumbai Police

Other activities:

  • Conducted, participated and wrote speeches for Mock United Nations Security Council at the ‘Law Tryst’ – national level law festival

  • Conducted and participated in two-day environmental exhibition at the ‘Law Tryst’

  • Invited by Jitendra Chauhan School of Law to coordinate and prepare the college team for the United Nations General Assembly programme at the state-level-inter-college-law-festival

  • Participated in Model Parliament programme on the issue of issue of surrogate pregnancy at ‘law Tryst’

  • As the airport terminal team member for the All India Law Society, I acted as the first point of contact for the Supreme Court and High Court judges and seniors lawyers from High Courts of the 28 Indian States, Supreme Court of India and respective District and Sessions Courts

IT Skills:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Windows based platforms and all relevant MS Office based products


references: References and Records available upon request

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