Lorenzo’s oil is a true story. The main characters were Augusto, Michaela, and Lorenzo Odone

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Lorenzo’s oil is a true story. The main characters were Augusto, Michaela, and Lorenzo Odone.

Lorenzo starts off as a typical young boy. Lorenzo begins to show changes in school with his behavior. Lorenzo’s parents take him to various doctors and specialist to find out the cause of the sudden change in Lorenzo. After much testing doctors were able to diagnose Lorenzo. Lorenzo had a rare hereditary disease that was passed on to him by his mother; women are the only carrier of this rare nerve disease called Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). It is most common in boys ages 5-10.

Shortly after being diagnosed Lorenzo begins to worsen rapidly, he begins to have trouble walking, speaking, and hearing. Augusto and Michaela refuse to give up hope that there will be a cure for ALD; besides the many doctors that assure them of many diets to try Lorenzo does not seem to be improving. Augusto and Michaela do much research to address a symposium of doctors and scientist with a possible remedy. Oil that will reduce the fatty acids Lorenzo’s body is producing.

As this oil shows some progress and hope for Lorenzo, his numbers begin to stay steady but don’t decrease. After much negativity by doctors, nurses, and even family Augusto and Michaela push forward to figure out a way to help their son, while others have given up hope.

Augusto after a long night of research finally figures out the component that is needed to decrease the bad fatty acids that can stabilize and decrease the disease. Augusto reaches out to chemist to help create the oil that eventually becomes known as Lorenz’s oil. After much effort Lorenz begins to show signs of progress. Lorenzo can breathe and swallow on his own; he begins to communicate using his eyes. Lorenzo’s parents were not done fighting for him, they continued to do research and contact doctors to eventually be able to do a brain cell transplant.

I have watched Lorenzo’s oil once before, watching this movie for a second time I appreciated what I saw. Lorenzo’s parents did not allow the diagnosis be the end for him, when they were told there was not much to do for him they fought even harder. Sit and wait was what they were told by doctors.

I enjoyed watching their determination, and their strength to help their child survive. Many parents take the bad news and automatically take it as the end instead of the beginning. It was an inspiration to see them fight and never give up.

I feel the movie stayed true to what it was meant to portray. The movie was very educational to someone that is not aware of what ALD is. This movie showed how some individuals may not be comfortable with the beliefs of the parents. For examples the nurses, they reacted as medical staff not as supportive individuals. The second nurse hired to work with Lorenzo felt it wasn’t necessary to read to him because to her he was brain dead and didn’t respond. This brings me back to stuck in neutral, just because Shawn didn’t respond to doesn’t mean there is nothing going on in their heads. It teaches you to never assume, treat them as you would everyday. Read to them, talk to them, because you don’t know if they are listening.

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