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Literary Analysis Essay Feedback Response

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The following areas are common areas of need for improvement in writing. The selection(s) below are the areas of greatest need for your writing process.

  • Focus of Analysis-Disposition towards critical thinking

  • 1. The disposition to be broad and adventurous: The tendency to be open-minded, to explore alternative views; an alertness to narrow thinking; the ability to generate multiple options.

  • 2. The disposition toward sustained intellectual curiosity: The tendency to wonder, probe, find problems, a zest for inquiry; an alertness for anomalies; the ability to observe closely and formulate questions.

  • 3. The disposition to clarify and seek understanding: A desire to understand clearly, to seek connections and explanations; an alertness to a lack of clarity and need for focus; an ability to build conceptualizations.

  • 4. The disposition to be plan oriented and strategic: The drive to set goals, to make and execute plans, to envision outcomes; alertness to lack of direction; the ability to formulate goals and plans.

  • 5. The disposition to be intellectually careful: The urge for precision, organization, thoroughness; an alertness to possible error or inaccuracy; the ability to process information precisely.

  • 6. The disposition to seek and evaluate reasons: The tendency to question the given, to demand justification; an alertness to the need for evidence; the ability to weigh and assess reasons.

  • Big picture essay components:

- You should focus on the meaning of the work as a whole

- Your essay needs to be interpretive, not summarizing the plot

- Entirely too much summary

*You need to discuss the meaning of the work (author’s intent) as a whole

  • You should create an argument in your thesis, setting out to prove something arguable and not already understood by the reader.

  • Explanation of Argument and Support for Argument and Organization:

  • Your topic sentences do not focus on a portion of your thesis statement, and set out to prove that portion of the thesis.

  • Your explanation lacks the proper evidence or the evidence suggests a misunderstanding of the text.

  • Your explanation contains evidence, but you do not explain its significance to the argument for is not convincing

  • Presentation and Style:

  • Your sentence structure and syntax should exhibit more clarity and organization.

  • Your sentence structure and syntax should exhibit more complexity, depth.

  • Your sentence structure and syntax should contain a greater variety of sentence types.

  • Your sentence structure and syntax should exhibit more creativity and sophisticated vocabulary.

  • Your essay does/does not indicate an effort to create complex sentence structure.

  • Your essay contains a significant amount of summary of the plot.

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