Letters From The Indigo Children

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Letters From The Indigo Children
Spirit of Ma'at December 2007 www.spiritofmaat.com

How do you see the future unfolding?
Well there is a difficult question.  If there really was such a thing as a "future" I see it as needs to.  The only thing that I see as being a detriment to the whole are-we-gonna-survive-this thing is that people are looking for some kind of 'savior' to touch them on the forehead and say, "see there I've made it all better for you now you can worry about something else because I just saved the world."  The 'future' lies within us.  We are our own saviors and the sooner we figure that out the sooner we get to the good stuff.

What do you think we can do to heal the planet?
No question, heal ourselves and heal the planet.           
If you could change the world, how would you change it?
With my mind.

How do you feel about the educational system?
Seems like I am, not always but most of the time, rewarded for being a parrot and regurgitating information.  When I ask questions or do something creative I am penalized.
What is important to you?
How do you see relationships? What needs to change there?
Relationships seem to be looked at as a survival tool.  Procreation and financial support are not what relationships are about.  Giving and receiving whether you’re in love, family, or friends is what will make any relationship work.  As soon as that balance is broken (too much giving and no receiving or the other way around) people get hurt.  Then again, nothing really needs to change because everyone is in exactly the relationship they need to be in for good of for ill.  We get what we need and that is as plain as it gets.

What is the older generation missing?
Respect, admiration, appreciation, gratitude...

Final thoughts?
When I look at the world I see distraction everywhere - distraction from knowing who and what we are.  This distraction comes from everything from the war to television to spiritual expos.  Everyone has the "latest and greatest" thing and we want to see what that is.  When I sit back and think about how much time we waste thinking about loosing weight or when are the troops going to pull out or what young blond haired celebrity died this week I get the feeling like something is purposefully distracting me from what really is important.  Why is that?  Why does it seem that society wants me to fail?  I realize now that a lot of other indigos have tried to fight the system, and usually to their detriment, and what I now know is that we can't fight the system.  Fighting the system will only give us more 'system'.  We have to pull ourselves out of the system and change it by changing ourselves.  Indigos are called system breakers but I think this how we are meant to hack the matrix.  I feel that more Indigos are going to morph from what you have known them to be into a much more potent force once we get the idea of fighting out of our vocabulary.


The future I would like to see is a more honest (honest with ourselves about who we are and what we are genuinely thinking, feeling and experiencing ) accepting ( of others and their honest experiences ) , basically a world about personal experience and sharing.  A world less concerned with who has the biggest house or nicest cars, greenest grass or winning wars.  Acceptance of others authentic experiences and processes, and support while we live ours. As far as seeing this unfolding - I see people in general - changing focus to a more internalized focus.  Paying more attention to themselves and what they are feeling.  Out of this practice when done with HONESTY, comes the experience required to live the lifestyle and practice the perspective above mentioned.  Its not what you are doing but how you are doing it and where your attention lies while you do so.  I don’t know the future, this is just what I would like to see.

Care about yourself. Not the you that you think you SHOULD BE, but rather - YOUR true SELF!!

Explore yourself, without judgment, with honest eyes.  Listen to your heart and what it has to say.  Interact with nature and other people from this perspective; I think great healing can come from this practice. 

Maybe our education system needs to teach people to learn through experience, rather than books.  I don’t mean, that books or reading them is bad.  Although I think children need to be told, that what is important while you read and learn is that you listen to your experiences while you do so.  The experience you are having during school, religious gatherings, hanging out with friends and family.  That is where real learning comes from.  Book knowledge helps you translate those experiences in to words and share, and to hear another persons experience and understand their words.  But that doesn’t change the fact that experience is what is important to your learning, not your communicative mechanism.  Books, events, and interactions, these all provide experiences. Be attentive, be honest, be real.  A simple thing - people need to learn to use their mind and heart.  We all have them, teach us how to use those in school ) put the focus on what’s real.

Moments are important to me.  Sharing those moments with people makes them all the more beautiful.  So I suppose I am interested in doing things that create special moments between 2 or more beings, and the personal experiences that come out of those moments.

I see relationships in the current mentality, as generic power struggles.  I see dis-honesty between people.  I see people afraid of rejection - afraid to have an experience out of fear of being judged.  I see people judging others, making assumptions about others based on incomplete data, or hear-say.

I think people need to accept that they are their own personal experience here and that others are their own as well, and know that its okay. In fact that it is beautiful.  So many expressions and when people are really, really honest with themselves I believe it all fits together harmoniously and so effortlessly.  People need to interact with others, from their truest expression of self. That is what needs to happen now - without fear, and without judgment.  BE YOU!! The real you!!! And have that be reciprocated.  That is what needs to happen with relationships. 

The older generation is too concerned with being right, to be honest with themselves.  Lighten up, have some new experiences and have fun. Bathe in the Beauty that you are bringing in to this world through your own personal vehicle.  Be your true self, its okay, and safe to do so.  If its not safe to do so - who cares!!! It's the only way worth living.

 All in all, what I am trying to express is that it doesn’t matter what I say or what the next person says so much.  What is important is what you, the reader, are experiencing.  Put your attention there, with honest open eyes, without judgment. In my opinion that is the only place to find enlightenment.  Not in what you are doing or who you are talking to, but how you are doing so, and where your attention is, and how HONEST you are willing to be toward and about yourself.  It can be scary, but I believe in you!!!!

Thanks for hearing me,
Eric  Heiser



How do you see the future unfolding?

It mostly depends on us. But now the body of human perception is so spread that it has narrow links between its separate parts, which leads to the inaccurate perception of world and us as human. We expose ourselves to stress of being human, and tend to over-specialize in our knowledge or over-rely on technology. This process is developing exponentially, and in the nearest future we have to see the bigger isolation of people from each other. However the spiritual work started will bring its fruits in molding the new people, less stresses, less isolated. Its springs get a prop are here in the world already. Lets help them being properly rooted.

What do you think we can do to heal the planet?

1. Heal ourselves

2. Understand our close inseparable relation to the planet

3. Find balance between technology and nature in our lives (minds)

4. Take responsibility for our actions

5. Realize the pain we bring by our actions to the world our children will live in

To heal is to bring more live. It can be done out of love, or from better realization of the death we propagate to ourselves.

Love humanity and pray for it.

And bring more consequences of its actions to its consciousness.

If you could change the world, how would you change it?

If I could change the world I would do the same I'm doing now. Cause I CAN change the world, and I do it with every breath.  I bring love to this planet with its inhabitants to the extent I can (and try to grow in this, as there's a huge pass to take). I speak with people of what they are doing, just asking questions, and letting them answer or at least think about them.

How do you feel about the educational system?

It differs around the globe. But mostly is inadequate to the speed of life children are exposed to. It's of reactive nature and being established in the past teaches how to survive/prosper in the past. It doesn't prepare for the unknown. It acts as if all facts were found by the time it was created. It needs to prepare new humans for the new unknown worlds, languages, creatures. Educational system needs more consolidated body of basic principles. Rather than isolated branches of human knowledge.

What is important to you?

Consciousness. Of humanity and me as its part. We human live our lives of choices. We do a lot of them. But how many of them we do realize? Would we harm our planet if we knew we could do this harm. We have to grow. And live through more parts of our constituents. We can easily do this if we do this together.

How do you see relationships? What needs to change there?

Again – unity and consciousness. Isolation makes any relationships imperfect. We have to face our century old fears.

What is the older generation missing?

It's missing faith in itself. Missing feeling of the world changing. Missing love towards enimies and fears, which would let them love those enemies and overcome those fears. It's too focused on its personal survival and well-being. It's too isolated.

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