Lesson Plan aphg5-7 (Time estimate = 1 hour) Teaching Goals

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Personhood Curriculum, 6th Grade


Lesson Plan aphg5-7

(Time estimate = 1 hour)

Teaching Goals

Expanding the Student's Self-Interest Horizon!

  1. To understand what respect is

  2. How to earn it

  3. What is the wrong kind of respect?

  4. Evaluate own self-respect

Teacher Prep

Documents that appear as links must be opened from the web site and the original Web Page. They cannot be opened from this Rich Text Document.

Three essays support this lesson. Print them out. Make copies for each student.

"Respect: How to get it" including the "Earning Respect - or - Earning Disrespect" quiz (respect1.htm) - - - respect1.rtf


"Respect: The Wrong Kind" (respect3.htm) - - - respect3.rtf

"Self Respect Quiz" (respect2.htm) - - - respect2.rtf

Staple the essays together into packets to pass out. Use the sequence indicated above.

Class Time

Introduction & Relevancy

We all want to be respected. We all want to feel good about ourselves ("self-respect"). I think these are Life-Goals of everyone: to be respected. This is true in every aspect of your entire life.

But how do we reach these goals? What can we do to become respected?

Presentation / Student Participation

Hand out the essays,

Read the first essay, down to the Table. "Respect: How to get it."

Read through a few entries in the table. Preface each entry by rereading the column heading. Remind them to checks A, ?, or B. Demo.

Now you finish reading the table the same way. As you read each row, ask yourself if that is something you need to work on! BE HONEST! If you are not honest with yourself, then you have no chance to become better! When you have done that, please turn your papers over.

When all papers are turned over, have them turn their paper face up.

Finish reading the essay.

I hope that if anything showed up that needs work, that you will follow through. Find a trusted adult to help you. If you would like me to help you, I would be highly honored! You may talk with me in private.

You can follow along as I read this next short essay.

Read the essay "Respect: The Wrong Kind."

Self Respect


Do you respect yourself? That is a GOOD  QUESTION! Read the introduction and do the "Self Respect Quiz"

It might be interesting to set up a little extra something ahead of time with a known good student. Pick someone whom the students respect. Look for someone with a lot of maturity and wisdom. Here is a suggestion.


TEACHER: "You know that there are some pretty good students in this class. Mary is one. I can imagine that some of you might want to call her a nerd.


MARY: "Why thank you ! That is very nice of you to say that!


TEACHER: "Mary is someone most of you respect. One of the reasons for that respect is Mary does well in class. If you do not respect her for this, then I would wonder why!


Open the floor for any questions, comments, or related stories.


Teacher Follow-up

Tell me how your behavior just now shows respect for yourself. (For either good or bad behavior!)

Tell me how your behavior towards shows respect for him. (For either good or bad behavior!)

Look for things in the newspaper that show respect or disrespect. Bring in the clipping, and talk about it with students.

Keep eyes and ears open for examples from playground, cafeteria, or stores.

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