Learning Target: I can create an effective thesis statement for my argumentative essay

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Learning Target: I can create an effective thesis statement for my argumentative essay.

  • Do Now: What is the most interesting fact you have learned from your research? Why is this fact so appealing?

The Map

  • A thesis statement (TS) is a guide map to your entire paper.
    • It provides a mini-summary of the paper’s content.
    • It allows the reader to know in advance how the paper is organized.
    • It lets the reader know why he/she should care. (The “So What?”)

Express Yourself

  • The thesis statement expresses the main ideas of your paper and previews the answer to the question or questions posed by your paper.

What Can A Thesis Do For You?

  • Helps you start drafting.
  • Helps keep you focused.
  • Helps to narrow your subject to a single, central idea.
  • Serves as a point of reference if changes occur.

Two Main Parts

  • Topic
  • Assertion

To Do List

  • Make a concise assertion about your topic.
  • Limit the statement to only one idea.
  • Make the assertion specific and significant.

A Thesis Statement Gone Wrong

A Thesis Statement Gone Wrong

  • This new product brought in over $30,000 last year.
  • This is a statement of fact without an assertion.
  • What’s the significance of the product’s success. (The “So What?”)

A Thesis Statement Gone Wrong

General Examples of Award Winning Thesis Statements

Argumentation Essay

Argumentation Essay

  • This claim must be one that someone could possibly disagree with because the goal of the paper is to convince the reader that your claim is true based on your presentation of your reasons and evidence.

Argumentation Questions

  • What is my claim or assertion?
  • What are the reasons I have to support my claim or assertion?
  • In what order should I present my reasons?


  • A reader could expect that the paper will present an argument and evidence that farmers should not get rid of barn owls when they find them nesting in their barns.

Checklist Questions

Checklist Questions

  • Does the statement make a concise assertion about your topic?
  • Is the assertion limited to only one idea?
  • Is the assertion specific and significant?
  • Does the statement at least imply your purpose?
  • Is the statement unified so that the parts relate to each other?

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