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The Crime Wing of Delhi Police is functioning at Police Headquarters Building, I.P.Estate, New Delhi under the supervision of an officer of the rank of Addl. CP/Deputy Commissioner of Police and deals with important and sensitive cases having larger ramifications. 

Anti-Stalking Cell (

In order to address complaints of women who are stalked by undesirable elements, Delhi Police has set up an Anti-Stalking Helpline in the Crime Branch in May 2012. This Specialized ‘Anti-Stalking Cell’   functions with a dedicated help line 27894455, 1096,, SMS-9911135446 and FAX-27292523. The Anti-Stalking Cell in the Crime Branch is the nodal agency to centrally monitor all complaints of stalking and there are Anti-Stalking Units in all the Districts. The ACP of the Crime Women Cell of the District is the incharge of this unit and personally monitors the complaints received, action taken and the satisfaction level of the complainants.

Anti-Obscene Calls Cell (

An “Anti-Obscene Calls Cell” has been opened in the Crime Branch with a dedicated help lines 27894455, 1096,, SMS-9911135446 and FAX-27292523 to handle complaints of harassment and obscene calls and SMS.  The Cell ensures that required action is taken and identity of the harassed individual is also kept confidential, if so desired.

 III)       ECONOMIC OFFENCES WING:-  EOW, Delhi Police investigates the cases related to Land and Building, Forgery, Cheating, Piracy, Cyber Crime and Criminal Breach of Trust having valued over Rs. 2 Crores.  EOW is situated at P.S Mandir Marg Complex, Delhi – 110001 The following specialized Cells are working in EOW, Delhi Police:-


Cell Name


Anti Forgery Section


Anti Forgery and Cheating Section


Anti Land and Building Racket-II Section


Anti Land and Building Racket-I Section


Criminal Breach of Trust Section


IPR Section


Cyber Cell


Economic Offences Wing



On line search facility of Stolen Vehicle Identification Service has already been provided on the Home Page of Delhi Police Website, under the Icon “Stolen/Unclaimed Vehicle”.  The user can check the status of stolen/unclaimed vehicle of different parameters viz. “Regn. No. or Engine No. or Chassis Number by using websites mentioned below:- 





Through the SMS No. “9811599901” general public can make enquiries regarding stolen vehicles unclaimed vehicles on the basis of either Registration Number, Engine Number or Chassis Number. Passport verification status enquiry and Delhi Police telephone Number enquiry from their cell phones:- 

The syntax of each Service is as given below :- 

Service Name

Message to be entered using cellular phone keypad.

Stolen Vehicle Search

e.g. SV DL9C5005

If match is found, SMS Originator receive a message in the following format:

Status, Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Police Station, FIR Number, Model, Make, Colour.

Unclaimed Vehicle Search


E.g. UNDLIrB6543

If match is found SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format.

Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Police Station, FIR Number, Make, Model, Make, Colour.

Passport Verification Status


e.g. PV A04684001

If match is found, SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format:

File Number, Status, Name, Father’s Name, Dispatch Number, Dispatch date.

Stolen Fire Arm Search


If match is found, SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format:

FIR Number, Police Station, Make, Model.

 IV)       VIGILANCE:-                                              ( Helpline Telephone No. 1064)

          For complaints against police officers indulging in acts of corruption, negligence and malpractices, one can approach Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vigilance, Office location, Police Station Building, B.K.Road, Cannought Place, New Delhi.  There is round the clock Flying Squad of the Vigilance Branch.

V)      TRAFFIC POLICE                                                        (23010101, 1095)


The Traffic Police is responsible for traffic management, regulation, enforcement of traffic rules & regulations and road safety education of road users.  The Traffic Unit of Delhi Police is functioning under the overall supervision of Special Commissioner of Police, Traffic, assisted by Jt. C.P Traffic & Addl.C.P./Traffic and seven Deputy Commissioners of Police as under:- 


Designation of the Officer




Designation of the Officer




DCP/Traffic Headquarters

Toda Pur Traffic Police Line



DCP/Traffic Southern Range

J.B.Tito Marg, Sadiq Nagar



DCP/Traffic Northern Range

P&L Complex



DCP/Traffic Central Range

Baba Kharak Singh Marg



DCP/Traffic Western Range

PP Rajouri Garden



DCP/Traffic Eastern Range

PS Shakarpur






(i)  The Unit is mainly responsible for :-

1.           Providing safe and smooth flow of traffic on Delhi roads.

2.            Preventing road accidents.

3.            Effective enforcement of traffic rules and regulations.

4.            Inculcating a sense of discipline amongst road users and educating the general public including school children, on road safety.

5.            Ensure smooth and secure traffic movement for special occasions and VIP movements with minimal inconvenience to public. 

(ii) Besides regulating traffic the unit is also responsible for :- 

1.            Rendering assistance to public in various stressful conditions such as prompt first aid to road accident victims.

2.        Assisting and advising various agencies in coordinated development of infrastructure for safe and smooth flow of traffic.

3.        Protection of environment by taking appropriate steps for prevention of noise and air pollution.

4.        Encouraging participation and involvement of public in traffic management and regulation.

5.        Arrangements for various functions in the city.

6.        Granting of permission for road cutting, road digging, processions and other miscellaneous functions.

7.        Website information on traffic related matters.

8.            Imparting traffic training in parks to schoolchildren.

9.         Promotion of road safety through-mobile exhibition van, painting competitions, skit competitions, essay competitions, debates etc.

10.       Granting of N.O.C. for speed breakers.

11.       Installation of traffic signals/blinkers/timers.

12.       Issue of permissions to commercial vehicles to ply in “No Entry Zones”.

13.       Issue of N.O.C for ‘No Challan Due’ etc.

14.       Notification of Taxi Stands.

15.       Smooth functioning of Pre-paid Taxi/TSR booths.

(iii)Rights/ facilities available to persons violating traffic rules/ regulations

(a & b) If any person is stopped by the Traffic Police for violation of any traffic rule, there are two type of challan i. e. 1) Compounding Challan 2) Court Challan, if prosecuting officer issues a compoundable challan, the same can be paid on the spot and if he issues a court challan, the same will be paid in the concerned court on the date which is fixed by the prosecuting officer and mentioned on challan.

Facilities available to general public

  • Traffic Helpline on phone number 011-25844444 ( available round the clock) to lodge any traffic related complaints/ feedback

  • For any traffic related complaints/ suggestions, e-mails can be sent at

  • Pre-postage paid traffic complaint card to lodge any traffic violation/ suggestion (These are available at all traffic assistance booths).

  • Traffic Website providing traffic related information at Url –

  • Information regarding pending Notices can be obtained through SMS on Phone No. 9811452220 with the format i.e. { N space REGD. NO}.



  • Besides collection of intelligence, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Branch having office at Delhi Police Bhawan, Asaf Ali Road, is also responsible for following assignments:-

  • The (APP Branch) Passport Verification Section of Special Branch of Delhi Police deals with the verification of passport received through on-line. The passport applications are down-loaded at Computer Centre (centrally), Police Bhawan and forwarded to concerned Zonal Inspector on day to day to basis for conducting verification through field staff. After completing the verification, Inspector/Zone get upload the verification report and transmit the same (duly verified) to Zonal ACP, who approve the verification report by using his DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) and submit the same to Regional Passport Office, Ministry of External Affairs, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi. As per Special Branch Manual passport verification is required to be completed and submitted to RPO, New Delhi within 21 days. In an average 900-1100 Passport Applications are received (on-line) per day.

  • The (APP Branch) Passport Verification Section also deals with the verification of ‘O’ Pass (Passport Applications received for verification from other states), Citizenship cases (Afghan National), Complaints regarding passport verification and misc. correspondence with Regional Passport Officers (all states). A feedback for (inland letter) is also handed over to passport applicants through Enquiry Officers to have feed-back with regard to passport enquiry.


The passport applicants can send E-Mails on the following websites of Senior officers in case of any complaint or to know the present status of their passport applications and ACP/APP and Inspector/APP will ensure that a reply to this effect is sent to them on their E-Mail etc. at the earliest. Beside this, Special Branch is already sending SMS regarding the present status to the applicants on their mobile numbers from time to time.


E-mail ID

Mobile No.

Telephone No.

ACP/South Zone



ACP/Central Zone & North Zone



ACP/South West Zone & West Zone



ACP/South-East Zone



ACP/North West Zone & New Delhi Zone



ACP/Outer Zone



ACP/North-East Zone



ACP/East Zone





  • The Character verification record section of Special Branch of Delhi Police deals with the verification of character and antecedents of candidates appointed in Government/Semi Government and Public Sector Undertakings.  Character and antecedent verification of private firms including its proprietor/directors also done on the request of government organizations like BCAS and Armed Forces after obtaining charges.  The section would also conduct re-verification of those posted at sensitive posts.  This section supervised by ACP/CVR of Special Branch assisted by Inspector/CVR-SB.  There are 11 Zones in all over Delhi, which verify the applications, after verification of character and antecedents and compilation of various information about the applicants, the same are sent to the concerned Government/Semi Government and Public Sector Undertakings agencies. The verification is conducted within 21 days (Govt. of India’s instructions is for six weeks) and all precaution is taken that the procedure remains transparent.


  • The work of CVR Section is done on ‘FIFO’ (First-in First-Out) Principle.





Fax No.






DCP/Special Branch








Control Room/Special Branch



VII)           DELHI ARMED POLICE   :-   


You can approach Deputy Commissioner of Police, 1st Bn. DAP, Delhi having office in Administrative Block of New Police Lines complex, Kingsway Camp, Delhi- 110009 for provision of guards for banks and Post offices on any working day during working hours from 9.30 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. 


 If you are desirous of utilizing Delhi Police Band on any occasion, on payment, you can approach the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police, 1st Bn.DAP, Delhi at New Police Line complex, Kingsway Camp, Delhi-110009 (Tel:- 011-27459678) subject to availability of band on the scheduled date. 

 c)     Producing of UTPs to various Jails :- 

The Head Office of 3rd Bn. DAP, a unit of Delhi Police, is situated at Administrative Block, Vikas Puri Police Complex, New Delhi-18. There are six sub-offices situated at different District Courts of Delhi i.e. Patiala House Courts judicial lock-up, Tis Hazari Courts judicial lock-up, Karkardooma Courts judicial lock-up, Rohini Courts judicial lock-up, Saket Courts judicial lock-up & Dwarka Courts judicial lock-up. There are also two sub-offices at both jails of Delhi i.e. Central Jail, Hari Nagar and Rohini Jail, Rohini. There is also one each sub-office in Juvenile Courts at Firoz Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi Gate, Delhi and at Vikas Puri Police Complex. However, the duties of this Bn. are divided in following heads:-

  1. Receiving of under trials/prisoners/detenues from jail authorities at Central/Rohini Jail, Delhi and other places.

  2. Escorting of under trials/prisoners/ detenues from Central/Rohini Jail, Delhi and other places to courts and back to Jail.

  3. Ensuring proper security arrangement at judicial lock-ups.

  4. Escorting under trials/prisoners/detenues to judicial lock-ups for production at various courts and back.

  5. Receiving of new under trials/prisoners/detenues from District Police for escorting to Central/Rohini Jail, Delhi.

  6. Handing over of such under trials/prisoners/detenues etc. back to jail authorities, Central/Rohini Jail or places of detention.

  7. Escorting of under trials/prisoners/detenues to other authorized places, like hospitals and also out-station for lodging in jails or production in courts in special cases under orders of Court/Govt.

  8. Escorting of under trials/prisoners/detenues during short custody parole.

  9. Guarding the under trials/prisoners/detenues admitted in various Hospitals.

  10. Restoration of juvenile from various Children Homes in Delhi to their respective parents after production in concerned District Court.

  11. Restoration of female juvenile from Nirmal Chayya, Jail Road, Hari Nagar, New Delhi to their respective parents after production in concerned District Court.


At present PCR Unit is having a fleet of 802 MPVs are on base at 11 Zones. Delhi Police have a round the clock women helpline facility available for women in distress at Telephone No. 23317004, 23490130 and Toll free No. 1091, 1096 (anti obscene Cell). To help Senior Citizens and Students, Delhi Police also have a round the clock help line at Telephone Number 1291.  These helpline are manned by lady officers. The Delhi Police Control Room also provide information about stolen vehicle at Zip Net and missing persons at MPS channels. 



          Special Police Unit for Women & Children (SPUWC) is the central agency co-ordinating Crime Women Cell in the eleven districts of Delhi Police which deal with women related crimes like dowry deaths, harassment on account of dowry demand etc. It is headed by an officer of the rank of Joint Commissioner of Police and assisted by Deputy Commissioner of Police, SPUWC, having its office at Nanakpura, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi with telephone No. 011-26883769.  SPUWC and the eleven Crime Women Cells in the districts also provide counseling facility to the women victims and also entertain cases relating to obscene posters and pictures. The Unit has a Women Police Mobile Team for round the clock response to deserving women helpline cases.  A Police Station namely PS Crime Women Cell, has also started at its premises in Nanakpura, where cases (women related) u/s Indian Penal Code are got registered. 


          A sub-unit, namely Self Defence is also working at the premises of SPUWC/Nanakpura, New Delhi, which provides Self Defence Techniques Training to the girls/women of Delhi particularly with a view to enabling them to fend off criminal and anti-social elements. The Training Programmes are organized in schools/colleges  from time to time and Summer Camps are held at selected centers.  


Our Website : 

          Special Police Unit for Women & Children, (SPUWC) is the central agency co-ordinating Crime Women Cell in the eleven districts of Delhi Police which deal with women related crime like dowry deaths, harassment on account of dowry demand etc. It is headed by an officer of the rank of Joint Commissioner of Police and assisted by Deputy Commissioner of Police, SPUWC, having its office at Nanakpura, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi with telephone No. 011-24121777.  SPUWC and the eleven Crime Women Cells in the districts also provide counseling facility to the women victims. The Unit has a mobile 24x7 Women Help Line response to deal with women victim. A Police Station namely PS Crime Women Cell, has also started at its premises in Nanakpura, where cases (women related) got registered.


          Self Defence Training was initiated in the year-2002 by the Crime Women Cell with an aim to empower women through the training in techniques of Martial Arts. The Girls students housewives and NCC cadets and girls in education institutions across the NCT of Delhi girls are being trained how to make use of things like Dupatta, Pen & Handbags to protect themselves from attacks by anti social elements, chain of bag snatching, criminal assault etc. The training helps in building up the self esteem of women so that they do not feel vulnerable & humiliated.

Apart from this, the annual summer camps are being organized during the summer vacations all over Delhi to impart training in Self Defence (Martial Arts) to school and college girls and women including of rural areas.

Apart from imparting training in Self Defence Techniques, a variety of other programmes are also being organized by the Special Police Unit for Women & Children to educate the women on legal and safety issues by organizing Seminars/Workshop, Literature distribution etc. Creating awareness about legal provisions of various acts that support women victims etc. is also a step in the process for guidance of women victims and police personnel.

X)           LICENSING: - The Licensing Branch of Delhi Police is currently functioning from the first floor of Police Station – Defence Colony, New Delhi under the supervision of an Addl. Commissioner of Police.  He is responsible for granting licenses/permission/NOC for: - 

a.           Arms and Explosives

b.      Fire Crackers.

c.      NOCs for Petrol pumps/CNG/LPG stations.

d.      Storage of Poisons & Sulphur.

e.      Guest Houses/Motels/Hotels etc.

f.       Eating Houses.

g.      Cinema.

h.      Video Game Parlour.

i.       Swimming Pool.

j.       Amusement Activities. (Performance License)

k.      Premises License (Auditorium, Discotheque)

l.       Registration of newspapers and Journals.

m.      Declaration of Printing Press


TOURIST POLICE    (Telephone No. 23490251, 100)

To help tourists, a Tourist Police has been set up in Delhi Police on 06.08.2004 and MPVs have been deployed at 10 important places/locations i.e. IGI Airport, New Delhi Railway Station, Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, Rajghat, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Palika Bazar, Janpath, India Gate and Paharganj (Railway Station side).


AMBULANCE POLICE    (Telephone No. 23490251, 100)

A Scheme called ‘Central Ambulance Service’ is in operation in Delhi since 1975.  To provide Ambulance services to the victims of road accident, 11 ambulances have been deployed at the following locations:-

1.       Majnu Ka Tilla

2.       Red Light Badli Chowk

3.       Nangli Poona

4.       Peera Garhi Chowk

5.       Dhaula Kuan

6.       Sanjay T-Point

7.       Dwarka Sec.-1 MTNL

8.       Mool Chand Chowk

9.        Noida T-Point

10.      Khajuri Khas

11.      Rajghat 

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