Know your own exam strategies

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Know your own exam strategies
Ask yourself each of the following questions and tick ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Do I …



  • look after my body (have a healthy diet; and adequate exercise and sleep)?

  • read the whole exam paper carefully?

  • follow all instructions?

  • underline or highlight key instruction words?

  • answer the correct number of questions?

  • make good use of perusal/reading time at the beginning of the exam?

  • read all questions and underline key words?

  • choose carefully the best questions for me?

  • choose which questions to answer first?

  • plan the time I will spend on each question?

  • keep to the time I have set for each question?

  • allow for time at the end to check my work?

  • consider how in-depth my answer needs to be (considering the mark value of the question)?

  • feel confident about what the examiner expects?

  • find I have revised enough topics?

  • know what a good answer looks like?

  • number each answer clearly and accurately?

  • clarify what the question is asking (closely consider instruction, topic and restricting words)?

  • use examples from my course materials?

  • plan my essay or paragraph in the usual way?

  • include an introduction and conclusion in all essays?

  • ensure my writing is legible?

  • stay for the duration of the exam?

If you have mostly ticked the ‘yes’ boxes, then your chance of exam success is high. If not, go back through the topic In the exam and decide what you need to improve on. If you are still not confident in your exam habits and strategies, consult your lecturer, your faculty mentor, or UNE counselling service.

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