Kite Runner Research Assignment (Pre-reading assignment) Choose a topic from the list below (dibs rule)

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Kite Runner Research Assignment (Pre-reading assignment)

  1. Choose a topic from the list below (dibs rule)

  2. Conduct research to gain an understanding of the topic – generate questions (record your questions) and search out answers to your questions. Keep notes. Use at least 2 sources – MLA style – in text citation and “Works Cited” page.

  3. Create an informal photo essay/report that answers the questions you generated.

  4. Include:

    1. 3-5 images

    2. a paragraph length write-up for each image

    3. Title your essay/report

    4. Create a References page (citing the sources you used) see #2 above

  5. Present to class/group (2-3 minutes)


feedback for presentation to group

1-4 scale:

Ideas X 2 – 8 marks

Support X 2 – 8 marks

Matters of correctness – 4 marks

Research process & referencing materials 4 marks

Research Topics:

1. Afghan Kite Fighting

2. Pashtun Ethnic Group

3. Hazara Ethnic Group

4. Afghanistan Today

5. Afghan Opium Trade

6. Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

7. Traditional Afghan Food

8. Traditional Sports in Afghanistan

9. Geography of Afghanistan

10. Islam

11. General History of Afghanistan

12. Taliban Uprising

13.Traditional Afghan Music

14. Education in Afghanistan

15. Afghan Government

16. Dating and Marriage in Afghanistan

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