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Kerboodle Learning Suite

  • August 2011

Kerboodle Learning Suite

  • The Kerboodle Learning Suite offers a range of fully integrated, online resources that blend with Nelson Thornes text books
  • Enabling teachers to use alternative teaching styles to deliver lessons that raise attainment, whilst engaging learners to help them take responsibility for their own learning
  • Currently consisting of:
    • Kerboodle Secondary
    • Kerboodle Books
    • Kerboodle Apps
    • ……………….. with plans to grow

Kerboodle Secondary

  • A comprehensive range of online resources that compliment the Nelson Thornes text books covering KS3, GCSE, A Level & Vocational
  • Kerboodle Secondary is full of engaging, varied resources including animations, simulations, interactive quizzes, essay practice questions, internet-based research tasks and case studies, many of which are matched to AQA exam specifications delivering resources that add value to the book for:
    • teaching & learning
    • formative assessment & revision
    • summative assessment to support exam style questions and develop exam technique with model answers and commentary
  • Sold as an annual subscription from £90 per subject

Kerboodle Secondary

  • Online resources follow the layout of the student books, so students can easily revisit and re-use the same activities that were taught in class
  • Students find the resources easy to use and the interactive activities are automatically marked - helping them to practise and improve
  • Courses contain a wide range of assessment activities linked to the key skills needed for exam success. Examiners comments can also help students see where they can improve their exam answers. Online research activities guide students in key research, planning and analytical skills
  • Online tests can assess knowledge and progression. Kerboodle ‘marks them’ so teachers just need to review results
  • Needs of the individual student can be targeted and they can be assigned support or extension work – ‘personalised learning’
  • Students' individual test and assignment reports can be tracked to see how they are progressing as well as used for comparison across the class/year
  • Kerboodle may be used as a front of class teaching resource on an interactive white board
  • Each course can be tailored to suit the way teachers teach - own resources can be added, folders renamed and items or units may be ‘hidden’ from students

Current Customers

  • Kerboodle Secondary:
    • was used in 63% UK secondary schools during 2010
    • as of end July 2011, there were 16,327 active subscribers to the site
  • Rolling programme of face-to-face and webinar customer training
  • ‘Kerboodle Club’ to encourage teacher feedback to help with development plans as well as support a community/collaborative approach to learning

Kerboodle Books

  • Nelson Thornes text books online
  • Text books that can be personalised by the teacher, that function independently or are fully integrated with other Kerboodle resources to deliver the required depth of subject
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Students can annotate for own use, teachers can annotate for class and individual student use
  • Book page can be displayed on an interactive white board enabling delivery of lessons around the text book

Kerboodle Apps

  • Development of Apps to test the mobile learning market
  • Launch Maths GCSE App to the Apple platform, March 2011: to date 4,300 free and paid downloads
  • Launch Maths GCSE App to Windows 7 phone, 29th July 2011
  • Android version ready during September 2011
  • Next steps new content – Science, ‘Shakespeare Made Easy’ & MFL

Integrated service for all learning needs

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