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The Heidemann Bar Prep
Course Syllabus

Excel on the Michigan Bar Exam

JD Advising, LLC.

Course Syllabus for the February 2016 bar exam

Course Location: To Be Decided (but likely in Birmingham or Madison Heights area)

Course Times: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Session 1: Monday, November 30

  • Real Property

  • Overview of the Bar Exam

  • How the bar exam is different from law school exams (and revising your studying accordingly)

Session 2: Wednesday, December 2

Session 3: Monday, December 7

  • Torts

  • Essay Tips Part 1 - Write essay answers that will get you the most points.

  • Essay Tips: Call of the Question strategies and worksheet

Session 4: Wednesday, December 9

  • Torts

  • Torts Michigan distinctions

  • Essay Tips Part 2 -How to use self-grading to get into the mind of an essay grader.

Session 5: Monday, December 14

  • Evidence

  • Essay Tips - What to write when you don’t know the answer

  • MBE Tips Part 1

Session 6: Wednesday, December 16

  • Evidence

  • Evidence Michigan distinctions

  • MBE Tips Part 2 (including how to make educated guesses!)

Session 7: Monday, December 21

Session 8: Tuesday, December 22

  • Constitutional Law

  • Tips for making the most of break


  • Individual meetings with students who need extra assistance.

Session 9: Monday, January 4

  • Workers Compensation

  • Personal Property

  • Essay tips: Overview of “One-sheets”

Session 10: Wednesday, January 6

  • Domestic Relations

  • Equity

  • No Fault

  • Essay Tips: Tips from an Appeals Writer’s perspective

Session 11: Monday, January 11

  • Contracts

  • Sales

Session 12: Wednesday, January 13

Session 13: Monday, January 18

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Conflicts

Session 14: Wednesday, January 20

Session 15: Monday, January 25

  • Civil Procedure

  • Civil Procedure Michigan distinctions

Session 16: Wednesday, January 27

  • Criminal Law

Session 17: Monday, Feb 1

Session 18: Wednesday, Feb 3

  • Corporations

  • Agency

  • Partnership

Session 19: Monday, Feb 8

  • Professional Responsibility

  • Secured Transactions

  • (Brief) Commercial Paper

  • Stylistic essay tips (refresher!).

Session 20: Wednesday, Feb 10

  • Summary of highly-tested Michigan distinctions for multistate subjects

  • Wrap-up tips.

  • Tips for visualization.

  • Tips for the actual bar exam days (packing, avoiding negativity and staying positive)

  • Creating a schedule for the last two weeks of bar exam preparation

Session 21: Monday, Feb 15

  • Three-hour nine question essay exam with issues likely to come up on the next bar exam. This exam is composed from actual bar exam questions.

Session 22: Wednesday, Feb 17

  • Individual appointments with students for last-minute questions and individualized essay feedback.

Your Private One-on-One Session with Ms. Heidemann:

  • Your approach to the bar exam.

  • Any areas of weakness you have difficulty with (whether it is MBE or essays)

  • Personalized feedback on essays prior to the session

  • Personal multiple choice skills workshop.

Sessions are taught by Ms. Heidemann who received a score of over 180 on the Michigan bar exam in February 2011. Ms. Heidemann has been tutoring ever since 2011 and has helped several students pass the Michigan bar exam each administration. She is passionate about the bar exam and does whatever she can to ensure that students pass after retaining her services.

She can be reached at excellenceinlawschool@gmail.com or 248-228-5547.

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