Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs

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Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs

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The Introduction Paragraph

  • The first paragraph in a paper that introduces your topic and thesis statement
  • Contains 3 main parts:
    • Attention-Getter / Hook
    • Lead-in
    • Thesis statement

Attention Getter / Hook

  • Some options:

The Lead-in

  • The sentences between the attention-getter and thesis statement
  • Helps narrow the topic from general to specific
  • Acts as a transition between attention-getter and thesis statement

The Thesis Statement

A Visual

  • Think of the introduction paragraph as an upside down triangle.
  • General
  • Specific
  • Attention Getter
  • Lead-in
  • Thesis Statement

The Conclusion Paragraph

Restate the thesis

  • Summarize the thesis without repeating yourself
  • The most specific part of the conclusion
  • Should include a transition to indicate that this is your concluding paragraph

The Lead-out

The Clincher

A Visual

  • Think of the Conclusion as a triangle.
  • General
  • Specific
  • Restatement of Thesis
  • Lead-out
  • Clincher

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